You Might be a Hippie Mama If (Part Two)

I sometimes refer to myself as a hippie mama. It’s a sort of short-hand way to tell you something about who I am. For example, I breastfed my children for over two-and-a-half years each. I visit my local farmers’ market religiously, and I am never without my re-usable shopping bags. I sweetened my firstborn’s first birthday cake with applesauce and molasses, because I didn’t want her to have sugar. I wash my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

I’ve shared some signs that you might be a hippie mama, too, in the past. I thought it might be fun to do it again. Read on, and find out if you, too, share some hippie tendencies.

Close-up of Nan's pillow
As a hippie mama I taught my daughter to embroider and do handcrafts

Signs You Might be a Hippie Mama

1. You have a list of dietary requirements that makes eating away from home a challenge. Bonus points if you gave up a food item on your naturopath, chiropractor or homeopath’s recommendation.

2. You’re still mourning the fact that Mothering no longer publishes magazines. Sob!

3. You know which local health food store has the best price on Dr. Bronner’s.

4. You’ve used coconut oil both in your cooking and as a beauty product.

5. You own several baby carriers, and at least one of them requires that you tie knots in order to secure your child. Bonus points if you’ve ever offered (or been tempted to offer) to help a stranger with their sling while out in public.

6. You have strong opinions on what eggs, milk and meat you will eat, based on how the animals that produced them were treated.

7. Your birth plan involved water in some way, shape or form.

8. Your homemade hummus is widely recognized as the best in your circle of friends.

9. You’ve breastfed a child who was old enough to negotiate with you over where you would sit, which side they would have and how long they would nurse for. Or, you’ve breastfed two children at the same time, and they weren’t twins.

10. You’ve sold handmade goods at craft fairs, through Etsy or elsewhere.

11. You bought your son a doll as soon as you found out it was a boy.

12. You either had your placenta encapsulated and consumed it for the health benefits, or actively considered doing so.

What about you? Are there any signs of hippie mama-hood that you would add? Please share!

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  1. Love this list!!

    How about your paper towels and paper napkins are… cloth. πŸ™‚
    kelly @kellynaturally’s last post … Vegan Apple Oat CookiesMy Profile

  2. I actually fail at all of these! But mainly because I didn’t come into my hippie-hood until later on in my kids’ lives.

    Now I’d say…

    You treat pink eye without a prescription medicine.
    You refuse to do your child’s homework, even if it means they turn it in unfinished.
    You send your kids a packed lunch in glass containers.
    You spend more on fruit and vegetables than you do on clothes or toys.
    You do your back-to-school shopping at Goodwill.
    Miss Britt’s last post … My Silly City Dream Is Coming TrueMy Profile

  3. Your kids regularly request broccoli, quinoa, sushi or smoked salmon for dinner but have never tasted a mcnugget.
    Half of their wardrobe was made by loved ones.
    Your medicine cabinet consists of stodal, coryzalia, arnica, feverfew and oregano oil
    You do not think that an iPad qualifies as a toy

  4. Ha! I ‘scored’ 7/12, plus the shopping bags, no poo routine & probably many others. LOL

    Here’s a few more that I relate to as a ‘hippie mama’:
    You don’t own a car
    You know what the ‘Dirty Dozen’ is & have it memorized
    Your house has an informal ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow’ rule for water conservation
    Your go-to footwear for 9 months of the year is Birkenstocks
    You have at least 10 kinds of herbal tea & know the medicinal properties of most of it
    Lisa C’s last post … Vancity Fresh Air Movie TourMy Profile

  5. I got 3. And gave then myself the breast feeding point cause I would have breastfed until he was 2, but he gave it up cold turkey at 17 months. And I bought my son a doll at a year. So two almost but not quite.

    I also like Lisa’s…except I can’t memorize the dirty dozen. I need to refer to guide I downloaded on tablet. And squint at the very tiny prinying on the bottles.

  6. *You have home-made organic lactation cookie dough in your freezer, next to chamomile/breastmilk teething popsicles.
    *You often tell people, in earnest “My kid’s sh!t doesn’t stink!”
    *You have caught yourself offering breast-milk to extended family and friends for their various ailments.
    *Your dirty laundry consists mostly of diapers and wipes.

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