You Might Be a Hippie Mama If (Part Three)

I sometimes refer to myself as a hippie mama. It’s a sort of short-hand way to tell you something about who I am. For example, I breastfed my children for over two-and-a-half years each. I own stainless steel straws, and I carry re-usable shopping bags and a water bottle wherever I go. I have strange self-imposed dietary restrictions. Also, I was raised by legitimate hippies. You get the picture.

I’ve shared some signs that you might be a hippie mama, too. And then I went ahead and shared some more. It’s been a couple of years now, though, so I thought it might be fun to do it again. Read on, and find out if you, too, share some hippie tendencies.

hippie mama

Signs You Might be a Hippie Mama

1. Your five-year-old is catching on that the other kids’ school lunches look a little different from his. For example, they get dessert, and rarely bring seaweed or rice cakes.

2. Your daughter is shocked on the day that you buy actual, brand-name Nutella home from the store as a treat, instead of either making your own or buying an organic alternative.

3. At some point you have given up grain, dairy, sugar or soy, or maybe all of them, even though you don’t actually have a diagnosed allergy or intolerance.

4. You have a family doctor, but your first call when you’re feeling a little run-down is to your acupuncturist, chiropractor or naturopath.

5. You strictly limit extracurricular activities – or possibly avoid them altogether – so that your kids can spend their free time digging in the dirt.

6. You either homeschool, unschool or send your kids to an alternative school program. Or, if you send your kids to public school, you’re in the minority amongst your mama friends.

7. Your kids complain about how all their friends have iPads, iPods and video game systems, and you respond by telling them how lucky they are that their brains aren’t being warped by too much screen time.

8. You have at least one dairy alternative in your fridge at all times. Right now mine is coconut milk, but I also like almond milk quite a lot.

9. You make your children promise that they will always vote once they’re legally able to, because political engagement is very important.

10. Your kids know where the coconut oil is, and use it as soon as their skin is feeling a little dry.

11. Your children know which vendors hand out organic lollipops as treats at the farmers’ market.

12. Your kids have their own garden plots, and they have strong opinions on which veggies they want to grow this year.

What about you? Are there any signs of hippie mama-hood that you would add? Please share!

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  1. Just read all 3 of these funny, self-aware posts. Reminds me of this youtube video Sh*t crunchy mamas say. Have you seen it?
    Betsy (Eco-novice)’s last post … Use Bar Soap {Easy Eco-tip Tuesday}My Profile

  2. Haha! I seem to and out with a lot of homeschoolers, and I have a lot in common with them ( and in a different life would be homeschooling, and my kids have asked to be homeschooled) even though I am a public school teacher. On a side note, I get a slight (maybe I’m just seeing things?) side eye when I tell people in this community that I’m a teacher. It’s weird for me because I see myself (on the inside at least) as a crunchy mama, but until people get to know me I seem fairly “normal” (I use this word facetiously), and I often feel like I have multiple personalities, or at least that I wear a mask in many situations.
    Christy’s last post … Pollinator Possibilities: Mason BeesMy Profile

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