Wild Guesses

I made an on-line baby pool, which you can participate in. Go to www.expectnet.com, and enter the game name ‘strocel1’. Then, you can enter a guess of your own. The winner will receive bragging rights, which is another way of saying that you won’t get anything for being right. It’s still fun, though, right?

This weekend I went to the first of my sister’s wedding showers, and it was lovely. I got to see a lot of extended family, who I haven’t seen since my own wedding shower four years ago.

We got a fabulous travel system this weekend, the Graco Quattro. A travel system is a combination stroller/carseat/infant carrier thingy. It’s ‘Baby Days’ at Sears, so it was a real steal for a great system, that should hopefully last us through a couple of kids. I’m not making any promises that I will last as long, though. 😉

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