Who Has the Biggest Tea Stash?

A little over a year ago I shared my tea collection with you. At the time, there were 17 different kinds of tea in my cupboard. After going through them all, I tossed several very old, very stale boxes. I didn’t toss them all, though. That would be wasteful. I kept some, and in the intervening 13 or so months I’ve collected a few more boxes here and there. I may or may not be back at 17. In fact, I may or may not have more than 17 kinds of tea right now. I’m not saying. I will, however, submit some evidence to help you reach your own conclusion.

The Evidence

  • I recently re-organized my kitchen pantry, and set aside a designated tea drawer. Before this, my tea was all up high and out of reach, which meant I was frequently reduced to drinking whatever happened to be within jumping distance. Now that it’s all in one easy-to-reach place, which is great. But when I open the drawer for guests to choose their own tea, they gasp in amazement at the sheer quantity.
  • I have at least three variations on chamomile in my drawer right now.
  • I recently fell in love with the new tea shop in my local mall.
  • I have a photo, which I will label “Exhibit T”:

My Tea Stash
Does this sight make you gasp?

Show me Your Stash!

I was chatting with some friends on Twitter about our collective penchant for buying tea, and it seems that I am far from alone. I thought it would be fun to see if there are other people out there with a drawer like mine – or maybe even several drawers. I can’t have the biggest collection of tea in the world, there’s no way. So I’m asking you to show me your stash!

Take some time this week to write a blog post about your tea stash, and then come back here on Wednesday, January 18. I’ll be sharing the nitty-gritty details of my own stash in a post that morning, and confirming exactly how many boxes, bags and tins I have. I’ll also include a link-up. Let’s see who takes home the compulsive tea collector crown – or who has the utmost restraint in the tea aisle. To sweeten the pot, I’ll be drawing one name from the folks who play along and sending the lucky person one box of tea, on me. I’m not being sponsored and I’m not acting on behalf of big tea. I just want to share the love.

I’ve created a button, which you can use in your post:

Show me Your Tea Stash Strocel.com

Now, what are you waiting for? Show me your (tea) stash!

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  1. Ha ha ha – I love this! In fact, your post last year made me go and revisit my own tea drawer (and write a post on it). I’m sure I’ve added A LOT of new teas to my stash… far too many. My guests are always completely overwhelmed and I’ve been pondering a way to make the presentation more appealing. I’ll be back for the link up…
    Nadia @ Red, White & GREEN Mom’s last post … Why didn’t I do this sooner?My Profile

  2. Yikes! I’m not a hot beverage drinker, but wow… what a collection!
    nelle’s last post … in the parkMy Profile

  3. Oh Em Gee I’m totally part of this club!
    And mine is currently in the highest cabinet above the stove & microwave where I have to bring a step stool to reach it, yet, I drink tea multiple times per day. A pull out tea drawer? Genius!

    ps: Am I allowed to include photos of my office stash too?! (I drink my tea in multiple locations!)
    pps: Am I disqualified because we own a tea shop?! πŸ™‚
    kelly @kellynaturally’s last post … Bullying, Empathy, and Fixing Stuff that Shouldn’t be BrokenMy Profile

  4. I don’t really drink tea, so there’s no way I can compete. I think I only have Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Orange Pekoe, Decaf Orange Pekoe, Chai, Licorice and a Herb Sampler (blech). Apparently I entertain a lot of tea drinkers.
    Neeroc’s last post … Today in pictures.My Profile

  5. Ha! I love exhibit T! You had me at Stash – I haven’t found Stash here, or TAZO (I forgot about TAZO). Now I’m thirsty. Better go make a cuppa.

  6. I am a recent hot tea convert. My stash is very, very small, but I will write something about my new appreciation.
    Mandy @ Living Peacefully with Children’s last post … Sheldon, the Knitted TurtleMy Profile

  7. I am in!

    And, like Kelly, I have tea stashes in multiple places. I will provide pictures and details.

    Yeah tea!
    Kathleen’s last post … The Grandparent EffectMy Profile

  8. Oh my gosh! This is too funny! I’m so glad I’m not alone! So I just counted the teas in my drawer at work…20. Yes, 20 different types of teas (a big thanks to Davids Tea for feeding my addiction). I always say there is a tea for every occasion and every mood. Even the weather affects the type of tea I want to drink =)
    Amy lee’s last post … 2012 has 366 days – that means I have 1 more day to work on my dreams!My Profile

  9. Haha. Had you posted this last year I would have shown you the ENTIRE SECTION OF CUPBOARD I had filled with tea back in Edmonton.

    I personally have only one favourite, but the people I’ve been living with for the past few years have wide ranging tea tastes!
    Anabelle’s last post … Success Is OverratedMy Profile

  10. As you know from our chats, I may or may not have a slight problem when it comes to tea. It seems as though I can’t walk into a David’s Tea and not walk out with at least 2 or three new teas. I will have to take my stash out of the cupboard to show it, as you just can’t appreciate the magnitude when I shoot it from the front. I also have a stash at work.

    I’ll count the kinds for my post, but I admit, I’m a little scared! πŸ˜‰

  11. I am way late to this party, because I had no time when you originally posted. But just for your amusement, a photo of my tea stash (now neatly organized in the new baskets on the door, storage system added today, huzzah I can FIND THINGS):


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