What’s Happening with my Book Dream

I posted my last update on my book dream back in August, when I invited you all to take part in the process. I think it’s time to update you all on what’s happened and how things are going.

First off, I want to thank everyone who responded by entering their details in my handy-dandy form. The fact that so many of you offered to take part means a lot. Even if you haven’t gotten around to it, or changed your mind, or what-have-you. Your enthusiasm feels very encouraging. And encouragement is good.

Now, on to what’s happened since then. Dozens of people entered their details into my spreadsheet, and I sent out a canned response. Sorry for the canned response. I can, however, assure you that I read everything you wrote and that doing so left me with tears in my eyes, because you all rock. Seriously, there are some amazing mamas out there, with some incredible stories.

Some of you have responded by sending in your stories already, and I am totally grateful for that. They are all awesome, and I am so honoured that you chose to share them with me.

At this point, I still need a lot more stories, of all kinds. A lot more. I can see that I am going to be collecting stories for some time. So if you initially entered your info into my form and then ignored my email and are now feeling sheepish, please don’t. I would still love to hear from you! Also, if you somehow think, “She wouldn’t want stories like mine,” please don’t. I really want all kinds of stories. Ordinary, mundane births. Breastfeeding successes. Breastfeeding failures. The awesome nurse you had. The incredibly annoying laugh your nurse had. All of it.

I have not just been sitting around waiting for stories to roll in. No way. In an effort to convince myself that I am a Serious Author, I recently attended BookCamp Vancouver. It was a great day, and I got to meet a lot of published authors. I got some good ideas for how to proceed with my book dream, and that was great.

I am hoping to start working on my book proposal soon. That is going to be a long process, especially because I have never done this before. Once I have that, then I begin the whole process of shopping it around, which frankly terrifies me. I will also be doing things like submitting articles and speaking and generally trying to hone my chops and build my platform. Also kind of terrifying. Writing a book involves a lot of Putting Yourself Out There. And while I do that, as I edit and revise and re-submit and query, I will still be collecting stories.

So, please, if you are a Canadian who has at least one child, and you are interested in sharing your story in a book, read more about my book idea and consider filling out my handy-dandy form. And if you’re not, I still appreciate your support and encouragement, and I will continue to update you on my (excruciatingly slow) progress.

Now, tell me. Do you think that a smoking jacket would make me look more like a Serious Author? Or would it just be silly, as I don’t smoke? I can’t decide.

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  1. I think the book will be great! I need to go write my entry now….
    Capital Mom’s last post … Good dadMy Profile

  2. Gotta go do my entry too…

    And I’m going to vote no on the smoking jacket. But perhaps a beret would do the trick?
    Amanda’s last post … Please Dont Talk about My Vagina at the Dinner TableMy Profile

  3. I vote yes for the smoking jacket. But you’ll need a pipe to at least hold – I have a bubble pipe you can use.

    And I can send another story or two when I have a minute to actually get them down in a document.

  4. Good luck, Amber!

  5. I have zero time to go into my stories in detail right now but I am interested in helping out in some way. I will post this on my FB page. That might help! And I am happy to help when things aren’t time consuming. Yay! Good luck!
    Melodie’s last post … Vegetarian Foodie Fridays 21My Profile

  6. smoking jacket – meh. how about a portrait with your hand gently resting on a human skull? or at least a wild and fuzzy hairstyle …
    pomomama’s last post … the high fructose corn syrup postMy Profile

  7. so proud of you working on your dream! If you need anything just ask. 🙂
    Wendy Irene (Give Love Create Happiness)’s last post … Interview 4 Inspiration – Chef Dennis of More Than A Mount Full- A Culinary JourneyMy Profile

  8. Stripey tights, sitting on some concrete stairs in New York.

    I totally backed out on the the grounds that my story would be way too boring. I am suitably chastened and will fill out the handy dandy form this week-end. And give my dumb low-self-esteem-having ass another good shake. You go, author girl!
    allison’s last post … Its Friday- rightMy Profile

  9. Love that you are doing this. Wish I could help, but I’m American…. I think that’s the first time I’ve been excluded from something so cool for my nation of origin. Usually it’s you Canadians who get screwed with that no shipping out of the US thing. This is your giant payback, right? 😉

    The book is an awesome idea, and I think a big fluffy pink bathrobe might be more your style. 🙂

  10. I would like to send you a story! But I don’t live in Canada. Can I send you one?
    Old School/New School Mom’s last post … Teaching is Like ParentingMy Profile

    • Right now, I’m just collecting stories from families who welcomed their first child while living in Canada. I’m trying to define a very specific focus.

      Also, as a Canadian I can tell you that there are far fewer books / movies / etc. that examine childbirth in this country. So I see a potential for creating something new by focusing on Canada.

      But I am considering doing a semi-regular birth story feature here. If you’re interested in contributing to that, let me know. 🙂

  11. This is so exciting, Amber–you are really doing it!

  12. Well, I thought about sharing something initially but you said you wanted people who welcomed their first baby while living in Canada. While I am a Canadian, my first daughter was born in California. This year my second daughter was born here in Alberta. If you ever wanted one woman’s take on the the differences over the borders I might be of help. I even kept the bill from the hospital in California, which is fascinating in contrast to just walking out of the hospital here, oblivious to what things really cost.

  13. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ounce of canadian in me. I’m still finding my way around twitter (ie can’t for the life of me figure it out) but isn’t this something twitter and its ripple effect should be good for?
    Francesca’s last post … More on less waterMy Profile

  14. Picture of you with a laptop in a cafe? That seems to be the going style for authors now. 😉
    Lady M’s last post … Kindy Volunteer Graduates to the Next JobMy Profile

  15. My story is coming! It’s long and unedited right now but I promise, I can’t wait to share it with you. 🙂
    Tanya’s last post … Super MomMy Profile

  16. I STILL plan on sending you my story-I’ve become such a procrastinator since becoming a pregnant mommy, LOL! I will make it my mission to send it you before the end of the week 🙂
    Jenn’s last post … Remembering to BreatheMy Profile

  17. I’ve never actually shared my story. Not really, not in full. You’ve given me something to think about.

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