What I Will do This Year

Today is my birthday. I’m 35 years old now, and somehow that feels significant. I think maybe the years that end in zero or five always do. 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45. They mark the transition from one decade to the next, and the midway point in each. Today, standing at the midway point of my 30s, I’m feeling introspective.

My birthday is like my own personal new year. It’s when my calendar changes from 34 to 35. I would like to get this year off to a good start, so I’m setting some personal intentions. I’m throwing some stuff out to the universe and myself and anyone who happens to be reading this. In the process I’m sending a message about what I want to see in the year ahead. After all, if I don’t know what I want, it’s going to be awfully hard to get it.

Me, all dressed up

What I Will do at 35

  • Write a book proposal.
  • Grow watermelons.
  • Create a Crafting my Life family-friendly retreat.
  • Decide what the heck I’m going to do with the 10-year-old wedding dress sitting in a box under my house.
  • Go snow tubing.
  • Drink more tea.
  • Roast marshmallows in my fireplace.
  • Stay in a hotel with my husband and no children.
  • Get rid of at least 100 things from my house.
  • Teach Hannah to ride her bike, and get a bike of my own.
  • Get Jacob started in preschool.
  • Travel to San Diego all by myself for BlogHer.
  • Sew myself a dress from a vintage pattern.
  • Swim in the ocean.
  • Learn how to use the lawnmower and the barbecue, because I am a Competent Adult.
  • Not beat myself up if I don’t do everything on this list.

What do you want to do with your next year on earth? I love it if you’d play along in honour of my birthday! Or just pass along your birthday wishes – either way.

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  1. Happy Birthday Amber! It sounds like a great year for you. I am about half way through my goals for the year which I set in January. However, I am inspired by your goals so here are a few more I’ve been thinking about:
    Get out for more nature walks with the kids
    Lose 1 pant size
    Do a whole foods cleanse for 5 days
    And I also need to teach my daughter how to ride her bike

    I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. Happy Birfday! And for a few months, you are older than me :>

    Right now, I’m too burned out to think of goals.

    I suppose that means, “figure out balance” should be a goal.
    Nicole’s last post … Giveaway- BMO Ecosmart MortgageMy Profile

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great list – I’m stealing the bike one. I think you’re on the right track.
    allison’s last post … Wordless Wednesday- Pretty But Not Too Bright OR This Ones Not Going to Survive Long in the WildMy Profile

  4. Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best and continued success!

    • I had to agree about learning how to use the lawn mower and the BBQ grill. I’m in the same boat! Maybe this summer we’ll both be grilling and mowing our lawns?!
      Rebecca B’s last post … Breaking NewsMy Profile

  5. Amber, I laughed out loud about learning to use the barbeque and the lawnmower. I am terrified of both. Let’s conquer this one together! 🙂 Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely day.
    Jen’s last post … Suckyvention and the Yard- UpdatesMy Profile

  6. Happy Birthday Amber! I’m pretty sure that you’ll manage most if not everything on that list!

    I just realised that I can’t think of any goals this year. Yikes. As you know we’ve just had another baby and I figure the first year with a new baby is pretty much a goner. I guess my goal is to get very little sleep and mostly be ok with that. 😉
    BluebirdMama’s last post … On Being a Bad BloggerMy Profile

  7. Great list. I hope you’ll keep us updated if you do get rid of 100 things from your house (probably not the wedding dress?)

    I have a busy day and night of child-free frolic ahead of me so I can’t concentrate on many goals for my own year but I hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Love a list that contains doable and dreamy items. The lawnmower and bbq are pretty easy. in both cases, the trick is starting them 😉 . My biggest deepest goal it to stop losing my mind everytime Theo gets up in the night, refuses to eat or does something that’s, well, ill-advised. Scratch that, that’s too big. I think I’ll stick with making sure I drink a mug of hot water in the morning. CHECK!
    harriet Fancott’s last post … What I learned in AprilMy Profile

  9. Happy Birthday! (Monday was my half-birthday)

    I think I’ll see if I can’t get the trim back on my wedding dress… after 5 years.. (I spilled lasagna on it at the reception – of course – and we took the trim off to get it cleaned. 4 and a half years later, the trim is still in a workbasket.)
    Katie B.’s last post … Because you need a naked babyMy Profile

  10. Happy Birthday Amber!!! It is going to be a great year! Love your list. On my list for this year is to start a family business. I would love to start a tree farm. Hope you have a blessed and special day 🙂
    Wendy Irene’s last post … 31My Profile

  11. Happy birthday, Amber! I hope you have a great one. Take some time to do something for yourself, and have a beautiful day.

    This year I want to figure out what my goals are. Maybe next year I’ll start accomplishing some of them, but this year I just want to know what I want to do.
    Casey’s last post … The Easter We Warmed Breastmilk Using CoffeeMy Profile

  12. happy birthday, Amber.

    when i was 35 i came to canada (it was a good year)
    i started off this calendar year with no goals set in stone, maybe when i turn 46 in a few months i’ll be ready to commit 😉
    pomomama’s last post … self portrait thursday- its not about meMy Profile

  13. Good list!
    My next birthday is the big 4-0 and I’m feeling pretty okay about it most of the time…. except when I think my wrinkles are bigger than they should be!
    In your honour I will be having some cake today… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    *pol’s last post … May maybe great!My Profile

  14. Happy Birthday! Good luck with your goals they seem doable. My 31st birthday was on Monday I haven’t set any goals for myself.

  15. Happy 3-5 Amber!!

    ps – you are not only a Competent Adult, but also an Engineer, right? A bbq and a lawnmower should be fairly achievable:)

  16. Happy, happy birthday, Amber!

    I agree that birthdays are like personal new years. And the to-do list is a lovely idea! My thirty-mumble birthday is in about a week; maybe I’ll do one of my own? We’ll see.
    Rachael’s last post … Almost Wordless Wednesday- Taking Pictures of the SunMy Profile

  17. Happy Birthday, Amber! I think your list sounds like a lot of fun to look forward to. I hope you have a great time celebrating and I look forward to enjoying another year following along with the parts you share
    Zoie @ TouchstoneZ’s last post … Wordless- Two To GoMy Profile

  18. Happy New Year to you birthday girl! I love the idea that your birthday is your ‘new year’. This makes so much more sense! Hope you had a fantastic one!
    Mama in the City’s last post … Mothers Day Is Fast Approaching! Will You Be Left Feeling DisappointedMy Profile

  19. Happy birthday Amber! I love your list.:)
    Francesca’s last post … simple radishMy Profile

  20. You’re going to San Diego? Fantastic! We can finally meet!
    Lady M’s last post … In Honor of Star Wars DayMy Profile

  21. Late Happy birthday!
    Schussel’s last post … OsterwochenendeMy Profile

  22. Happy Birthday! I love your list. I will turn 40 on my next birthday and I love the idea of setting goals for what I want to accomplish during my birthday year. Love your blog! 🙂
    Holly’s last post … Refi me please! Part 1My Profile

  23. Happy birthday! I am urning 35 this year too and for some reason it feels big. Probably because I turned 30 when I had a 5 week old and don’t remember it at all.

    Look forward to meeting you in San Diego.
    Capital Mom’s last post … Monday Moments Theme- RepetitionMy Profile

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