What I Learned in October 2013

Strocel.com What I Learned Last MonthCan you believe it’s November? I’m living in denial, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s here. This means it’s time for me to share my October monthly review. Monthly reviews are one of my favourite traditions. Here’s how it works – every month I come up with some things I learned, and not always the easy way. Then, I ask you all to join in with some recent revelations of your own. And we all learn and grow and what-not. Or at least share a laugh at our own expense, because some of these lessons are both hard-fought and funny. Sound good?

So, without further ado, here is what I learned in October – or some of it, anyway.

What I Learned Last Month

1. I learned that few things in life are as undignified as having someone turn your nostril inside-out with a pair of tweezers in order to pierce your nose. Luckily, for me, the results are worth it.

what I learned last month nose piercing

2. I discovered that if you carve your jack-o-lanterns too far in advance, they will mold, and you’ll just have to do it all over again.

3. I saw my first in-real-life bears and found out why people don’t take them as seriously as they should. I was walking my kids to school and saw a mother and two cubs strolling down my street towards us. The mother looked right at me and didn’t react at all – they seemed very calm and non-threatening. Knowing that could quickly change I immediately sent my kids back home (we’d only walked a few houses down), snapped this very grainy photo (one of the cubs is behind the truck here) and then took an alternate route to school.

mother bear and cub what I learned last month

4. For the first time since the departure of Wonder Nanny two-and-a-half years ago we’ve found a babysitter our whole family loves who isn’t related to us. I am rejoicing at the possibilities this provides!

5. I learned that chickens can hold their own against cats and dogs, when I met my veterinary clinic’s resident hen.

vet clinic chicken what i learned last month

6. I discovered, yet again, just how easily I cry when I sniffled my way through my nephew’s christening.

7. I enjoyed manning the door on Halloween – and I’m pretty sure I had two of the cutest trick-or-treaters on the block.

halloween what i learned last month

8. I talked about my experiences with postpartum anxiety and depression at a local event celebrating the launch of a new website aimed at helping expectant and new moms, and learned just how many other people can relate. Having a baby is hard.

9. I re-discovered the joy of walking through a carpet of leaves.

fall leaves what I learned last month

10. I made a point of drinking more tea, and learned that my tea stash is large enough that even twice-daily cups doesn’t make a noticeable dent after a month.

I’ve shared what I learned – what did you learn in October? Leave a comment and tell me! Or, if you’d like to play along by writing a review post of your own, link to it in the comments. And please feel free to grab the button from the top of this post.

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  1. Laura aka Mom says:

    I have learned some new things as well as having had a true ‘aha’ moment, which was kind of learning something.
    1. The aha. In my quest to reduce my attachment to consuming products based on what I read or hear, I am looking quite carefully at what I purchase and what it’s use is and if there is something else that I already have that will work just as well – such as using my peppermint tea as a toner since no one is drinking it anyway. I have really come to understand the tremendous market that exists to soothe the fears of women that they will look old one day. I am 63. I am in fairly good shape, eating well and exercising regularly. However, I still look 63 and I am ok with that. It is amazing to me the hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, that women could spend to prevent looking as if they are growing older. I do look after myself but I am not afraid of looking like a grandma – after all, that’s one of life’s best blessings 🙂
    2. No matter how nice you are to a telephone marketer, if they catch you unawares, you cannot hang up politely. They will not let you.
    3. When you have a cold, chamomile tea with lemon and honey is still the best soothing drink around. However, when you are trying to reduce your sugar intake, it isn’t quite as tasty as it would be otherwise 😉

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