What I Learned in March 2014

Strocel.com What I Learned Last MonthIt’s April already! Where does the time go? Once again I am, in fact, overdue for my monthly review. I didn’t want to let it go, however, because monthly reviews are one of my favourite traditions.

Here’s how it works – every month I come up with some things I learned, and not always the easy way. Then, I ask you all to join in with some recent revelations of your own. Or this time, perhaps you can share some less-than-recent revelations that occurred over the past year. Either way, we all learn and grow and what-not. Or at least share a laugh at our own expense, because some of these lessons are both hard-fought and funny. Sound good?

So, without further ado, here is what I learned in March – or some of it, anyway.

What I Learned Last Month

1. I re-discovered the joy of seeing those first sprouts poke through the soil.

what i leanred last month

2. I learned the injustice of rain during Spring Break, and a gorgeous first day back at school.

3. I found out that you could drink maple sap … and it’s actually not bad. Much better than coconut water, in my book.

what i learned last month maple water

4. I re-discovered the process of letting go that is writing and submitting a term paper.

5. I found joy in raising my own Mason bees.

mason bees what i learned last month

6. I learned that when teaching your child their first song on the recorder, you become well and truly tired of hearing that song long before your child tires of playing that song.

7. I painted the playroom, and re-discovered just how much prep work is involved in that. Luckily, the result is worth it.

what i learned last month

8. I learned, yet again, that I cannot be trusted around a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Not even a little.

9. I discovered that cooking and cleaning is much more pleasant when listening to a podcast. You would think I would know this, having recorded 80+ podcasts of my own, but it was a revelation.

what i learned last month podcast

10. I went for a world record in the number of times in a row I can turn on a kettle and then completely forget about it until the water is too cool for tea. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve shared what I learned – what did you learn in March? Leave a comment and tell me! Or, if you’d like to play along by writing a review post of your own, link to it in the comments. And please feel free to grab the button from the top of this post.

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  1. Sadly, I am with you on the Cadbury egg thing. I cannot even buy them anymore! And the painting prep. It is always so much worse than the actual painting.
    Green Bean’s last post … My Big Fat Pollinator GardenMy Profile

    • Cadbury Mini Eggs really are the crack cocaine of candy. It’s impossible to exercise any self-restraint in the face of them.

      And yes, the painting prep sucks. But I am really happy with the painting results, so it’s not all bad.

  2. I learned that I cannot in fact parent 4 kids while sick with the plague. Thankful for my hubby who came home from work early to rescue me.

    Related: I learned that letting go of pathological levels of self sufficiency does not result in the falling of the sky. Also, that it feels good to be rescued, when you truly need it. 🙂

  3. One of these months I’ll remember that I want to do a What I Learned This Month post and link up with you. I always hear about the Cadbury Mini Eggs thing, but I’m not even totally sure what they are. I guess that’s maybe a good thing. I did just discover an unopened bag of Golden Oreos in the cupboard that I wish had remained undiscovered.

    I love that picture of you.
    allison’s last post … Surly Thursday: Infuriating MinutiaeMy Profile

    • One day I will do all of those things I’m planning to do one day, too. But not today.

      And yes, it’s probably better if you’ve never eaten a Mini Egg.

      And thank you for the kind words. 🙂

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