What I Learned in February 2014

Strocel.com What I Learned Last MonthSo it turns out that it is not only March now, but March 5. Once again I am, in fact, overdue for my monthly review. I didn’t want to let it go, however, because monthly reviews are one of my favourite traditions.

Here’s how it works – every month I come up with some things I learned, and not always the easy way. Then, I ask you all to join in with some recent revelations of your own. Or this time, perhaps you can share some less-than-recent revelations that occurred over the past year. Either way, we all learn and grow and what-not. Or at least share a laugh at our own expense, because some of these lessons are both hard-fought and funny. Sound good?

So, without further ado, here is what I learned in February – or some of it, anyway.

What I Learned Last Month

1. When renovation work started (and then stopped) on my ensuite my husband and I spent two weeks sleeping in our family room. We re-discovered the joy of a bedroom door that closes when we decided we might as well move back upstairs while we try to resolve our home improvement fiasco.

what I learned last month home improvement monthly review

2. Speaking of that home improvement fiasco, I learned that I really should listen to my gut and ask more questions.

3. One of the bright spots of the month was re-discovering just how flipping cute kindergarten crafts are. How can I be sad when “thumb-body” loves me?

monthly review valentine's day

4. I became the mother of a nine-year-old.

5. My garlic told me that spring is coming … and hopefully, soon.

monthly reviews what i learned last month garlic gardening

6. I fell head-over-heels in love with VSCO Cam (and I have not been compensated in any way for that statement).

7. I learned that sometimes all the pretty makes up for having to drive up to campus for an early-morning class.

sfu what i learned last month monthly reviews

8. I felt very proud of myself for squeezing into my wedding dress … until I inhaled a little too deeply and ripped a seam.

9. I found the world’s most perfect flower pot for a tea lover such as myself.

what i learned last month monthly reviews plants flower pot tea cup

10. After repeated experiments I confirmed that yes, there is such a thing as too many gummy bears. I also confirmed that this knowledge won’t stop me from eating too many again on my next outing.

I’ve shared what I learned – what did you learn in February? Leave a comment and tell me! Or, if you’d like to play along by writing a review post of your own, link to it in the comments. And please feel free to grab the button from the top of this post.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Speaking of wedding dresses, I tried mine on (in honor of my 10th anniversary). Mike broke the zipper trying to do it up!

    Clearly my rib cage expanded significantly after having kids because THAT is where it is tight…I’m still debating whether or not to have the zipper fixed.
    Carrie’s last post … A February Bride by Betsy St. Amant {Book Review}My Profile

  2. Ok, lol’ed at the wedding dress lesson. Why do we do that to ourselves? I did that a few years ago when I was cleaning out my closet and yes, it was the rib cage that was difficult for me too. And I have to say that all of your SFU experiences and sharing are putting a smile on my face – bringing back some good memories for me (just not the hour and a half commute that I used to do 5 days a week).
    Christy’s last post … Pollinator Possibilities: Mason BeesMy Profile

    • I have to say, now that I live within very easy distance of school and have my own car, it’s much more pleasant. I always took transit during my first degree, and some of those commutes were killer for sure.

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