What I Learned in February 2013

Strocel.com What I Learned Last MonthMonthly reviews are one of my favourite traditions. Here’s how it works – every month I come up with some things I learned, and not always the easy way. Then, I ask you all to join in with some recent revelations of your own. And we all learn and grow and what-not. Or at least share a laugh at our own expense, because some of these lessons are both hard-fought and funny. Sound good?

So, without further ado, here is what I learned in February – or some of it, anyway.

What I Learned This Month

1. I became the mother of an eight-year-old, and learned what that is like.

Blowing out her candles

2. I learned that it’s surprisingly quick and easy to make my own deodorant.

3. I discovered that while my tea stash is considerable, the real kudos go to former podcast guest Shanna Katz.

tea stash showdown herbal teas

4. I became an aunt for the fourth time, when Jon’s sister welcomed baby Daniel. Hannah was immensely relieved that he was not born on her birthday, so she won’t have to share.

5. For the longest time I had a fantasy of moving away to Salt Spring Island. In February I learned that while it really is beautiful, for now my roots are here in the Vancouver suburbs.

Looking out to sea

6. I experienced the stress of having two kids in back-to-back swimming lessons. That is one busy hour for me.

7. I bought a new camera, and became acquainted for it. In the process I discovered the difference a good lens can make.


8. I discovered, once again, the joy of wearing a perfectly fuzzy sweater on a cold, rainy day.

9. I learned that the most sure-fire way into my son’s heart involves an Angry Birds Star Wars-themed play set. Now he can catapult birds into pigs in real life.

He REALLY likes this toy

10. I tried coconut flour, and made the world’s best pancakes. I am smitten with coconut flour.

I’ve shared what I learned – what did you learn in February? Leave a comment and tell me! Or, if you’d like to play along by writing a review post of your own, link to it in the comments. And please feel free to grab the button from the top of this post.

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  1. Linked up! Good cameras/lenses really do make a huge difference. I stumble along with my iPhone but really appreciate the difference! Congrats on the new nephew!
    harriet Fancott’s last post … What I learned in FebruaryMy Profile

  2. Hmmm … I learned that Black History Month is truly dead. I learned how to place a Facebook ad. I learned that chalk paint is really cool (I painted a bench). AND, I learned that I don’t really want to be an HR generalist anymore. (Now I just have to learn how to make money doing something else!)
    Crystal Spraggins’s last post … Why Do Woman Do Dumb Things? Don’t Ask Fantasia BarrinoMy Profile

  3. Good news about coconut flour and pancakes! I bought some coconut flour this weekend and intend to make pancakes!

    • I only substituted 25% of the flour for coconut flour – the rest was light buckwheat. I also added an extra egg and more milk, because the coconut flour was thick. However, the result really was delicious!

  4. I learned that I shouldn’t take on overlapping jobs anymore. In other words, three gigs at a time (one job plus my two ongoing jobs) is plenty. Not very exciting, I suppose, but an important thing for me to learn.

    I’m excited about your new camera. What a gorgeous photograph! I hope you’ll share more.
    Rachael’s last post … Just One SentenceMy Profile

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