Weekend in Port Moody

Last month I went through all of Hannah’s clothes, sorting and discarding items she’d outgrown. I wasn’t meaning to organize my 4-year-old’s wardrobe, but when Hannah and her friend decided to spend their playdate piling every single stitch of Hannah’s clothing in the middle of her floor they forced my hand. And so I took advantage of the situation (after some disgruntled admonitions in my daughter’s general direction).

What I discovered is that Hannah is actually out of summer clothing. Which didn’t seem like a big deal back in March when it was still cold and even occasionally snowy. But now that warmer days are here I can see that some shorts and sun dresses may be in order. I sort of hate to spend a ton of money on clothes that will end up covered in food, paint, and dirt, though.

Luckily, this weekend they’re holding the Kids Only Swap Meet in Port Moody. Today and tomorrow, from 9am – 1pm at the Port Moody Arena there will be more than 60 tables filled with used kid’s clothing, toys, books, and furniture. The thing I love about buying second-hand items is that it’s actually a really earth-friendly choice. Re-using old items, instead of discarding them and buying new ones, reduces waste. Since many of us are still celebrating Earth Day, I can think of no better choice than to spend the morning searching for deals.

On a completely different note, this weekend is also ArtsConnect’s Annual ArtWalk in Port Moody. (Fun fact – Port Moody calls itself the City of the Arts!) From 12pm – 5pm today and tomorrow over 50 artists will be opening their studios for free tours. And while I doubt that you will find a lot of clothes that your kids can get dirty on the ArtWalk, I’m sure you will find some amazing local creations. And remember, buying local and contributing to a sustainable local economy is environmentally friendly, too.

My good friend Kirsten of Yummy Yarn participated in last year’s ArtWalk (although they called it the Studio Tour way back in the olden days of 2008). She’s not on the tour this year as she’s expecting a baby any day. And the last I heard she was hoping that any day would come sooner rather than later. So I will be thinking of her, and hoping that she delivers before the weekend is out. After all, as much fun as swap meets and studio tours may be, new babies are infinitely better. 🙂

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  1. A kids’ clothing swap sounds like a perfect thing. I’m a huge supporter of reusing or sharing with other people who could. Hope you get lots of great treasures for the summer.

  2. Sounds like a jam packed week-end.

    I need to go through my 5 month old’s clothes too. He’s outgrown everything I put in his drawers. Time to check Jeffrey’s stored clothes from when he was young.

  3. I actually was at the Black Sheep Yarns Art Walk venue. I wasn’t official, but I had been invited to participate there, and I said if I wasn’t doing anything else, like, say, being in labour, I’d happily come with my spinning wheel and hang out with Jayne of SeeJayneKnit, another local indie yarn artist. So I spun. It was nice. Getting this baby the heck out of me would be nicer…

    *is disgruntled, with an itchy belly and contractions that neither stop for long nor resolve to anything useful*

  4. I’ve been pulling out tiny clothes from both boys dressers this weekend too!

    Q-ster has been singing “Happy Earth Day” to the tune of Happy Birthday all week. Something they did at school, I think.

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