Victoria Day Garden

If you are Canadian then you know that today is Victoria Day, the holiday that brings us the May long weekend. This is when water parks open and people bust out the white shoes. It’s traditionally a weekend of camping, and the weather usually does not co-operate, but no one cares because of the traditional beer they’re consuming. All drunk to the honour of the late Queen Victoria, after whom the holiday is named, of course.

For the more sedate among us, such as myself, this is also traditionally a weekend of gardening. All across Canada this weekend, people are packing into their local garden centres and buying seedlings and mulch. The risk of frost is over and it’s time to get your plants in the ground so that they’ll be ready for harvest in the fall.

Since the Victoria Day long weekend is associated with gardening, I thought that I’d seize this chance to show you what my garden’s been up to. My garden is sort of haphazard, but I’ve crammed a lot into it. Like parsley, basil, sage and lots and lots of mint. Word to the wise: mint grows like a weed.

Parsley, sage, basil and mint

I also have two each of two different kinds of tomato plants. Also pictured: super-glam slippers, because my feet like to be cozy, yo.

Two different kinds of tomato plants

There’s also broccoli and chard.


And my new raised bed boasts peas, carrots, dill, baby blue hubbard squash, sunflowers and corn.

Peas, carrots, dill and squashSunflowers and corn

The big challenge with the raised bed is keeping Jacob out of it. Apparently, garden beds are like magnets for toddlers.

I grow children, too

My strawberries and raspberries are coming along nicely.


The bees are hard at work turning blueberry blossoms into tiny, green blueberries.


I have celery and tiny cucumber sprouts.


Here are my oregano, chives and thyme.

Oregano, chives, thyme

And finally, I have some large and healthy garlic, and some itty-bitty onions.

GarlicOnion sprouts

What are you growing? Please share! And, of course, Happy Victoria Day!

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  1. My herbs look marvelous! Mint, sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, chives, parsley, cilantro, dill — all doing well.
    Also I have some lettuce sprouting, spinach, zuchini baby plants and cucumber. My peas and beans have not broken through yet (but I am optomistic they will soon), and I cheated by buying a few young tomato plants that I will be planting today. I love my tiny, suburban, veggie plot!
    .-= *pol´s last post ..We were there! =-.

  2. Oooo, how I’d love soil that dark. We’ve got tomatoes and basil, pomegranates, figs, almonds and peaches in the making. We just have to do battle with the birds to make sure we get some.

    ps. Victoria Day sounds much more fun than ol’ QV sounds.
    .-= Tepary´s last post ..Lota the Panther Woman =-.

  3. I wish we have room for a garden! I would love to have the fresh produce. I relate this May long weekend to gardening too.

  4. My goodness Amber, you are so organised. Love it.

    I am growing peas, lots of lettuce, lots of herbs, french runner beans, kale, carrots, courgettes, pumpkins and broccoli. Oh and tomatoes. First year, bitten of more than I can chew – that’s how it feels today.
    .-= Mel´s last post ..working harder, working smarter =-.

  5. my perennial herbs have survived so we have chives and er chives. there are also two tubs with kale and spinach growing ….. for the guinea pigs. i’m aiming to be self sufficient in guin greens this summer 🙂
    .-= pomomama aka ebbandflo´s last post ..balls! =-.

  6. Looking good! Our radishes are done and we ate up all the beets last night. Next I think the snap peas will be ready. Tomatoes have a way to go yet, they are my favorite thing I can’t wait!
    .-= AmberDusick´s last post ..Home & where AM I from anyway? =-.

  7. Very Nice Amber. I’m a bit sad that I won’t have any kind of garden to speak of this year since we are moving early July. But I can look forward to next year I suppose, and I am excited to frequent the local farmer’s markets this year.
    .-= Melodie´s last post ..What’s Wrong With Breastfeeding At Church? =-.

  8. Looks lovely! We also put our box garden in last week. It’s our first year of gardening, so we’re starting out slow — Japanese eggplant, peas, bush beans, soybeans and tomatoes. I have a separate herb garden (and I’ve heard about mint’s weediness, so I planted my mint in a pot). I think we’ll put in squashes once some of the others are done. We bought starts, as I reliably kill off seeds. The weather’s been cooperating — sun, rain, sun, rain. I’m betting on a crappy summer, though, because of how nice the summer was here last year.

    We’ve also had many talks with our preschooler about not playing in the box. If you think about it, a box garden just looks like a big, dirt-filled sandbox — with plants that need removal by an industrious child. He’s just helping you out. Why are you making that mad face, mama?
    .-= CascadiaKids´s last post ..Leavenworth: Washington’s Bavaria =-.

  9. I’ve been busy helping my in-laws with their garden that I haven’t started on my own! I have chive and mint in pots on the patio. And an evergreen sapling I got Earth Day next. One day it’s going to be our Christmas tree – if it lives that long 🙂
    .-= Condo Blues ´s last post ..Make a Compost Bin Out of a Plastic Storage Tub =-.

  10. I read this post and realized I forgot to plant my cucumbers. I’ll be doing that in about 5 minutes. My onions are ridiculously huge and I don’t know what to do with them. My peas are doing awesome and the carrots that have survived Em’s daily garden rampage and poking along. If a carrot manages to survive her destruction it will be a miracle. You know what else grows like a weed? Thyme. Which I didn’t know until I planted it last year. It has expanded exponentially since then.
    .-= Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)´s last post ..Nice Eyes and a Bad Butt: Monday Mingle =-.

  11. What an awesome garden!

    Right now we have strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, lavender, thyme, oregano, and cilantro. The basil sadly isn’t surviving after all the storms we’ve had recently but the strawberries are almost totally ripe! So exciting!
    .-= Sarah @ OneStarryNight´s last post ..Playing Catch Up =-.

  12. Our garden is still busy with roses. I love being able to clip away and fill bud vases all the time. I’d like to grow some kind of tomato plant for Q-ster this year, maybe in a pot.

    Love the RED slippers!
    .-= Lady M´s last post ..My First Lab Report =-.

  13. Caroline

    Red slippers are the best. I have red deck shoes. I loves them lots and lots.

    My son, at 22 months, has started the “buy-me-a-sandbox-or-I-will-dig-up-your-plants” campaign. We planted all our herbs, tomatoes, and second crop of greens this weekend, and my son was in Heaven with raised bed dirt flying everywhere! After he popped the tops off of a few marigolds, I finally got frustrated and said “NO!” really loudly which ellicited about 5 minutes of wailing. Cue guilty mommy moment, and the realization that toddlers need dirt to play in. its a normal thing, and its not his fault we put attractive, raised beds at his height to dig in.

    Next paycheque we are buying a sandbox.

    We have got our gardens in despite our mini destructo-matic, and are very proud of them this year. The farm garden has squash, zucchini and pumpkins, corn, carrots, beets, beans, peas (which a partridge scrounged the seeds for the first crop and none came up! *grrr*), potatoes, scarlet runners (on a teepee for my son to play in) and ground cherries. Two tomatoes for my father to eat off of are also planted.

    In the city, we have all our culinary herbs, greens, our own tomatoes, and I am hoping to plant some arnica (if I can find it!) and waiting to see if the self-sown seedlings sprouting are Calendula. My chamomile is doing very well, as is my comfrey. I am trying my hand at lemongrass this year, and I think my lavender might bloom! YAY!

    We also planted a whole raft of shade perennials this year, since our house has deep shade everywhere except where the raised beds are. Go figure.

  14. We planted our first veggie garden on Monday. We have tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers and a watermelon!
    .-= Jen´s last post ..What’s the Deal with Veal? =-.

  15. I love my Pet TickleMe Plants I grew with my kids. They really do move like they are being tickled when you Tickle them.
    This is going to catch on. Such fun.

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