Ventriloquists are Fun

This week my 4-year-old Hannah and I were invited to see children’s entertainer and ventriloquist Kellie Haines perform Journey to the North Pole. I was asked to attend because I agreed to write about Kellie. I’ll take any chance to look cool to my kid, and going to a Christmas show with just my daughter sounded like fun.

We arrived at the theatre and took a bathroom break. That’s how 4-year-olds roll. I held the stall door shut for Hannah because this is the glamourous life I lead, people. Don’t let anybody tell you that family blogging isn’t first class all the way.

Holding the bathroom door
Holding the stall door shut

We had two reserved seats in the theatre’s second row. Primo location, really. But Hannah decided she would rather sit in the first row. That kid’s got chutzpah, what can I say? Anyways, they very kindly moved our reserved signs. We could have taken them off, of course, but Hannah really liked them.

Hannah and I had reserved seats
Look at us, we have reserved seating!

Hannah, waiting for the show to start
Hannah, sitting in the new and improved front row seat

The rest of the show’s patrons were students from five local elementary schools. It was a field trip and the energy was high. There was much in the way of talking and seat-kicking and making pretend bunny ears over the head of the kid in front of you. It turns out that 6-year-olds are still pretty much the same as they have always been. It’s sort of comforting, really.

The stage, set up and ready for action

Before the show started a very nice gentleman reminded everyone that it was time to stop using our mouths and start using our ears. But the show was really not about sitting still and being quiet, opening with the classic, “Are you ready? I can’t hear you!” The kids screamed and yelled and laughed and pointed throughout the show. Kellie has been practicing her ventriloquism since she was 8 and she’s very good. Magrau the bird was the wise-cracking sidekick, and he brought down the house by stealing cupcakes and making jokes involving underwear.

Kellie and Magrau have a heart-to-heart
Kellie and Magrau having a little chat

Hannah laughed loudest at Magrau, but was more taken by Kamilla, the 4-year-old frog puppet. Being a 4-year-old girl herself, she seemed to feel they have more in common, although she told me she thought Kamilla wasn’t really a frog.

Kellie and Kamilla
Kellie and Kamilla

After the show, there was an appearance by Santa, bearing goodie bags. Hannah got to try a Wagon Wheel and was in raptures. Chocolate, marshmallow and cookie all in one package was too good to be true. We were also invited backstage to meet Kellie and the puppets. Hannah got to have a chat with Kamilla and talked Kellie into letting her try on some lipstick.

Hannah got some lipstick
Kellie shares make-up tips with Hannah

It was really great to spend the afternoon with just Hannah, and watch her enjoy herself so thoroughly. Front row seats, underwear jokes, 4-year-old frogs, a Wagon Wheel and lipstick were just too much fun for my kid. Although she continues to puzzle about just how those puppets were talking, she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I would like to say a big thank you to Kellie for inviting us to the show, and I would recommend checking her out if you have the chance.

PS – I have advanced to the second round of the Canadian Blog Awards! From now until December 19 you can vote every day. Look for in the Family and Blog Post Series categories. This is the last time I’ll hound you about this, promise! 😉

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  1. ventriloquists are great, they can be really funny and entertaining, but i’ve seen a few that are a bit creepy, it can be a fine line.

  2. That sounds like a really fun time. It’s kind of awesome to watch something with your child that they think is hilarious.
    .-= Marilyn´s last post ..Christmas Meme & Blog Award =-.

  3. How on earth are you going to top that? Wow. That was quite the event.
    .-= Capital Mom´s last post ..Wall =-.

  4. Hey, I’m 34 (omg!) and still enjoy jokes about underwear 😉

  5. How cool that you know Kellie Haines! I think I’ve seen her on TV before as she looks familliar. As usual I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your pictures. I’m a “stall door holder closer” too. 🙂

  6. EEk! It’s like having an all-access pass to the Oscars, if the Oscars was smaller and attended by mostly six-year-olds and there were more underwear jokes (tell me this wouldn’t be an improvement). Way to go Hannah — it’s good to have a kid who knows how to get what she wants. Plus she was obviously too excited to do her princess pose — clearly it was a big day.
    .-= Allison´s last post ..***********Wordless Wednesdays, except it’s Thursday. Friday, in ten minutes. =-.

  7. That looks like fun! 🙂 Your daughter is a cutie!
    .-= kitchenwitch´s last post ..Seventeen and Pregnant- =-.

  8. I love that Hannah was bold enough to go for row 1!
    .-= Lady M´s last post ..James Cameron, a Better Sense of Humor Than One Would Think =-.

  9. I just saw this now, and voted. It took my vote, but it’s the 20th!
    .-= Francesca´s last post ..Christmas pizza =-.

  10. That looks like it would have been an awesome show. Good on Hannah for getting the seats she deserved. 🙂
    .-= Melodie´s last post ..Caring For A High Needs Baby During The Holidays =-.

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