Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

Back in March a lovely friend of mine offered me her ice cream machine. She was moving to Toronto, and didn’t want to take it with her. I snapped it up and made my very first ice cream a couple of days later. The verdict? Really good. I have come to love that machine with a passion that’s not entirely reasonable.

Shredded coconut
Shredded coconut, pre-toasting

I eat a lot of ice cream. And I talk a lot about ice cream. In fact, according to the Twitter stats tracker Klout ice cream is my number one topic of influence. A quick peek through my Twitter or Facebook updates, or even through my past blog posts, will confirm my preoccupation with this dessert. Ice cream is my favourite food, hands down.

Coconut, toasted
Shredded coconut, post-toasting

It’s no surprise, then, that I have been making heavy use of my ice cream maker. At least once a week I make a batch. I’ve tried chocolate, mint chocolate chip, pumpkin pie, crรƒยจme fraรƒยฎche, chocolate raspberry coconut milk ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cup and strawberry. I’ve enjoyed them all. But one of my favourites is my own take on toasted coconut ice cream.

Milk, sugar and vanilla
Milk, sugar and vanilla, all whisked up and ready to go

I got a recipe for coconut ice cream from a Twitter friend, and she got it from the Australian Women’s Weekly Ice Creams and Sorbets cookbook. There is a whole subculture of ice cream lovers who make their own, as I’ve discovered, and we’re only too happy to share our favourites. I liked the ice cream – it was really good. I decided to tweak it for my own kitchen and laziness. I took out the egg yolks and removed the cooking step, I swapped out vanilla bean for vanilla extract, and I toasted the coconut. I’m quite pleased with the results, if I do say so myself.

Finished ice cream
The finished product

I held off on buying my own ice cream maker because I wasn’t sure if I would like it or use it. I can’t tell you how glad I am to discover the joys of making my own ice cream. If I’d known about this, I probably would have bought my own ice cream maker years ago. And so, because I want to contribute to the homemade ice cream subculture, I am sharing my recipe for toasted coconut ice cream with you. Enjoy!

Coconut ice cream with a dollop of chocolate is heaven
Served with some homemade chocolate ice cream on top

Amber’s Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

* This recipe has always been gluten-free!

2/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1 1/4 cups milk
1 1/2 cups cream
1 400mL / 13.5oz can coconut milk
3/4 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla

Toast the coconut. To do this, I spread it in a baking dish under the broiler in my oven. Watch out – it toasts fast! On my first try I totally burned the coconut. I found that about 20 seconds under the broiler, one quick stir, and another 20 seconds did the trick. Put the toasted coconut in a bowl in the freezer to chill while you prepare the rest of the ice cream.

Combine the milk, sugar and vanilla in a bowl, and whisk until the sugar has dissolved. This can take a couple of minutes, but it’s necessary because you don’t want gritty ice cream. Once the sugar has dissolved, add the coconut milk and cream and stir to combine.

Prepare the ice cream following the directions on your ice cream maker. In mine, which is a countertop electrical machine with a freezer bowl, it took about 25 minutes. 5 minutes before the ice cream is finished, add the toasted coconut. Once it’s reached the desired consistency, serve it up and freeze the rest. I personally love a bowl of toasted coconut ice cream topped with a little bit of chocolate ice cream. So. Good.

Yield: Approximately 1 1/2 quarts, or 12 servings of 1/2 cup each

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  1. Mmmmmmmm! How did the pumpkin ice cream turn out? Did you add nutmeg etc. so it tasted like pumpkin pie? I may have to buy an ice cream maker…I like the fact that you control the sugar and that there is actually real cream in it rather than “milk solids” or whatever they put in store bought ice cream.
    Tanya’s last post … On the lack of timeMy Profile

    • The pumpkin ice cream was good. It was mostly regular ice cream with some pumpkin puree added. I did add nutmeg and cinnamon and cloves and so on, so it really did taste like pumpkin pie. It was lovely! The recipe for that just came with the booklet for the ice cream maker.

  2. I can confirm that Amber’s ice cream is Heavenly!! I hope that she will share some of her creations again ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Carrie’s last post … They better not be lying…My Profile

  3. I’m still saving up for my own machine! I decided I’m going to use my loyalty points from Save-On-Foods so I need to wait a couple of weeks and then I can try this recipe.
    Marilyn’s last post … An Interview with my SonMy Profile

  4. My goodness, you’re one creative cook! And this is only the beginning of the ice cream season!
    Francesca’s last post … Sunday biodiversityMy Profile

  5. YUM!
    How do you store the ice cream? Does the equipment come with containers or do you use something else?
    I feel like I’m lactose intollerant to some ice creams. Some are SO creamy and rich.
    I wonder if I made my own I wouldn’t have any issues?
    I recently tried a Hot Cocoa flavored (new flavor on the market) made by Starbucks. I only bought it because it was on sale AND I had a $1.50 coupon for it. It ended up costing me $1.49, saving me $3.50! I can say Hot Cocoa flavored ice cream is delish!!! You should try making that one if you love chocolate ice cream. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sara’s last post … If I’m too Square, then you’re too Round!My Profile

    • I just store the ice cream in tupperware in my freezer. Old yogurt or margarine tubs work well, too. I’m not above re-purposing packaging. It’s green AND frugal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. YES PLEASE!!!!
    (that’s me screaming for icecream)

    I have wanted to get one of those ice cream makers, but honestly I think I’d use it too much for my husband’s gallbladder health! Once a week sounds reasonable though.

    *pol’s last post … Here comes the sun!My Profile

  7. Even more jealous of your ice cream maker! I love coconut ice cream. I bet if you added some pineapple it would be even tastier. That’s my personal favorite flavour!
    Melodie’s last post … Questions For You About Nursing Your ToddlerMy Profile

  8. YAY! So glad to hear that you’re loving your ice cream maker. I recently became the owner of a kitchen aid mixer (in fact I purchased one before I even got a bed!) and am going to get the ice cream bowl for the mixer and the first recipe I’ll try will be your coconut ice cream!

    Maybe it’s that recently I’ve become rhubarb obsessed, BUT rhubarb ice cream is amazingness! If you ever try it, share your recipe please. I am going to try making it too.

  9. Also, have you tried adding toasted coconut to your homemade granola too? I tried it the other day and it’s deliciousness and adds that extra bit of crunchiness.
    Mojgan Fay’s last post … Lonely, Lonely RhubarbMy Profile

  10. Bah! I doubt your coconut ice cream is very good…although I am willing to accept a sample and write a review of it. Or, I’m also willing to just beg for some…let me know what works for you, and increases my chances of actually getting some ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Okay. I really DID NOT NEED TO SEE THAT! Looks so, so, so (and yes, another SO) good.
    harriet Fancott’s last post … Peering into the futureMy Profile

  12. Yum! I’m a coconut fan, but my husband isn’t, so I might have to drop by for a taste. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Lady M’s last post … The Baby Team ReturnsMy Profile

  13. Ruth Wettemann says:

    OMG, toasted coconut? My absolute favorite! Will have to try this over the summer . . .

  14. This recipe looks good. Will try it in the summer ๐Ÿ™‚
    blackhuff’s last post … No kissing mommyMy Profile

  15. Yum ๐Ÿ™‚ I love making ice cream. It is definitely one of my favourite baking type tasks. And that coconut one looks really tasty. Here is my option for you (or anyone out there). My favourite is earl grey tea ice cream. It’s quite easy. Basically use a basic custard style ice cream base (like vanilla) and instead of using vanilla, steep Earl Grey tea in the cream/milk mixture before adding the eggs. I will say that it tastes the best when you find a really yummy loose earl grey tea from a tea shop. If you want specifics, let me know!

  16. Almost any flavor is amazing if we’re talking homemade ice cream! I like the Earl Grey suggestion, too – will have to play around with that one.

    If any one out there still doesn’t have an ice cream machine (one of life’s most useful appliances, after all!) , check out my post on how to choose the best ice cream maker for you over at
    mitzimi @’s last post … The Best Ice Cream SpadeMy Profile

  17. Mommy Quit says:

    Oh man… if I could run out an ice cream maker I would. For now though I will have to look at these pictures and salivate. Or go to the grocery store to pick a tub up. Too bad no such thing as toasted coconut ice cream though ๐Ÿ™

  18. Mint chocolate chip…pumpkin pie…oh my. I’m about ready to swoon with delight! I’m scared to buy one not because I think I might not use it, but because I’m worried I’d use it too much!
    Kimberly’s last post … Rainbows on the TableMy Profile

  19. Thanks for directing me here! I think I had that same ice cream maker but when I pulled it (neglected) out of the closet it was covered with bugs. I never tried anything easy…we did rum raisin and other weird recipes. What was I thinking? I think I might have to try again. I eat ice cream EVERYDAY, no joke. Would be cheaper too.
    AmberDusick’s last post … ice cream trucks happiness on wheelsMy Profile

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