Three Years On

My little girl turned 3 today. And I am left wondering. Wondering how this wee little thing who could do nothing for herself:

Turned into this little baby, who could stand and walk:

Wondering how that little baby turned into this toddler, who could talk and climb:

And how all of them, all of them, turned into this little girl who dances and plays and shows signs of reason:

I was there. I had a front row seat. Still, I don’t really know. I don’t really know.

I can’t even imagine what this year will hold for us. What Hannah will be like when she’s 4. I’m too busy trying to understand what happened yesterday, or maybe (if I’m lucky) what’s happening now. The future will have to take care of itself. I only know that I will still be vaguely baffled that I somehow birthed and raised a child who is so much her own little person. It seems impossible, but it’s clearly not, so I just continue to wonder. How? Why? When was I not watching, and it all happened?

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