The Sea in my Heart

The place I grew up in was farm country. It was inland. There were mountains, flood plains converted to fertile prairie and rivers. It was hardly landlocked – in an hour of driving you could be at the ocean. But still, being seaside was a fairly rare event. A few times a year we would venture into Stanley Park and search for little crabs under the rocks, or spend the day on the beach in White Rock. I had certainly set foot in the ocean, but it was novel.

Now I live within a few kilometers of the sea. We regularly frequent oceanfront parks. I love it. I love it with an intense passion. The smell, the barnacles, the occasional sight of a harbour seal or sea star. The docks and the boats and the expansive vistas make my heart sing. If I could live anywhere, it would be seaside. In my dreams I have a little cottage on a sandy beach, and I sit and watch the waves come in. The sea is in my heart.

Hannah also loves the sea. She loves the salt water and the sea creatures. Jacob is not so sure about the water, but he could spend all day in the sand. My hope is that through lots of early exposure my children will come to love the sea as I do.

Inspecting seaweed
Crawling on the sand
Splashing in the sea
Hannah playing in a tidal pool
Discarded shells

What about you? Do you have a favourite landscape, a view that makes your heart sing?

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  1. Although I grew up in your town, I spent more of my weekends at the Ocean than I did in the Valley. My family spent alot of time at Birch Bay. Now that I have lived away for 9 years (yikes, it has been a long time) I have come to love and become joyous over watching fields of long grass dance in the blowing wind. I guess maybe because it is a little like water rolling on the ocean. I also love the huge sky at night with a zillion stars that I just can’t count. It took me 2 years of living in the praries to find anything romotely attractive, but now I have a long list of things that I would miss if we moved away!
    .-= Heather´s last post ..Community Registration Night =-.

  2. Amber, which beach is this? I live in White Rock now and while it's lovely to live near the beach…the sand is White Rock doesn't look anything like your pictures!

  3. The photos come from a few beaches. The one with me swimming is Birch Bay (just across the line from you). The one with Hannah & the bucket is Spanish Banks. The rest are Old Orchard Park in Port Moody, my neck of the woods.

  4. Oh yes I have a favourite scene that I love above all others. Deep, green forest trails, with steep mountains all around and ferns blanketing the ground among huge, ageless tree trunks. Coastal mountain, old-growth rainforest…. especially near a glacier-fed, bottomless lake! It’s so mysterious and beautiful and feels like home to me.

    Even though I live really close to the ocean here, there are not many attractive beaches close by. They are all steep sandstone or slimey jagged rocks. We have to drive at least an hour to get to the GOOD beaches, so we don’t go all that often. But hiking (and biking) in the woods is easy and fun for the whole family (including the dog). It’s even fun in the rain.
    .-= *pol´s last post ..1994 =-.

  5. Janet Brisson says:

    I grew up in Belcarra, right by the ocean. I have always felt most at home when I’m near or swimming in the ocean, it is where I like to go to feel safe and also inspired.

  6. Good to know, my sister and her husband just bought a house in Port Moody so I'm sure next year we will check out Old Orchard Park. Thanks!

  7. So I guess we'll be seeing you around Birch Bay more?

  8. I think that is a large part of the alure of BC – especially to the Ontarions who flock westward. Out there, you have mountains, farm land, orchards, AND the ocean.
    .-= highlyirritable´s last post ..Hitting the Books =-.

  9. I love that Hannah is wearing her Xmas dress in the first picture! Too cute!
    I’m a forest girl myself. My heart dwells in a cabin in the woods along a trickling creek, close to a lake, where during the day I can run off the dock and jump into the clean water, butt naked, and lie on my back looking at the stars throught the trees at night – the earthy smell of moss and rotting wood all around me.
    .-= Melodie´s last post ..Foodie Fridays: Yellow Zuchinni, Cherry Tomato and Eggplant Saute =-.

  10. Not Birch Bay but Port Moody for sure. They bought a house in the Glenayre (sp?) area. I'm sure I'll be out there often, I'm already planning to bring my daughter out there for Halloween as we live in a Condo which isn't much fun around Halloween. Where abouts are you guys in Port Moody? It seems like a really nice area.

  11. We live near Eagle Ridge Hospital, about halfway between Port Moody city hall and Coquitlam Centre. We do like it, we've been here for 6 years now.

  12. Beautiful photos, 🙂 I grew up on a lake within a valley, so I feel at home among mountains, trees, and bodies of water (all of them). Fortunately we found a nice second home among trees (which are few and far between) here in Northern Virginia (which I often think of as the land of housing developments and sun, sun, sun, with no trees).

  13. I love California, but I do love the times when I’m out of state and overwhelmed by the greenness. I was in Seattle last month (haven’t posted much about that yet, but I will), and the drive out to Anacortes was beautiful.
    .-= Lady M´s last post ..The Anti-Crust Hater =-.

  14. The sea, the Mediterranean sea in particular. My kids also love the sea, and it’s a joy to take them to the beach, but my favorite landscape at the beach is my book: I love to lie down on the sand and read (solo:)).
    .-= Francesca´s last post ..Lavender rocking horse =-.

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