The Emperor Has No Clothes

It may seem to you that I write a blog post every day. The truth is, I do not. I write a whole bunch of blog posts all at once when I have the time. On a daily basis I’m lucky if I get a shower and dinner on the table, so I use the magic of technology to help me. Using this magic I set my posts up so that at 6am Pacific time, Monday through Saturday, they publish themselves. I think the process involves a little man inside the internet checking his watch or something. We learned about him at engineering school, if I remember correctly his name is Bob.

Anyways, sometimes Bob takes a break at an inopportune time, and a post sneaks out. That must be it because I could never make a mistake. I’m practically perfect in every way. Bob, on the other hand, may have a bit of a drinking problem. I’m pretty sure I’ve smelled something on his breath.

Yesterday, while Bob was sleeping it off, a second post snuck out. The post that was meant for today. This left me in something of a bind. So I’m afraid I have nothing brilliant or profound to share with you today. But tomorrow, well, I’m all set up with something inspiring and moving and heartfelt. I believe it’s a recipe for macaroni and cheese.

In the meantime, please don’t be too hard on Bob. He usually does a very good job, all things considered.

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  1. I would love to get ahead on my posts, but I rarely get more than one done a night!

  2. okay, thank you for telling us this. I have been amazed since I started following you that you have so many thoughtful, well written posts popping out each day.

    I also “batch write” whenever possible, but schedule mine for every-other day…

  3. i think Bob occasionally forgets which side of the international dateline he is! i followed your advice to me (many thanks for that btw) about scheduling a post and it came out an odd number of hours early. i then spent a week trying to work out what timezone my blog was in before it just corrected itself automatically.

    now, once again thanks to you, i know it was Bob

  4. I think it is amazing that you can batch write. I am a spur of the moment kida gal…whatever is on the tip of my tounge is what comes spewing out! Some days I have nothing. Some days I have too much to say.

    It is easier to write a post a day when the kids are just a bit older. They like to sit on my lap and ‘help’ me….I could use this as my excuse for slopping spelling, but who am I kidding…that is all me!

  5. Okay, you totally didn’t have to tell me that and I NEVER would have guessed. Not that I’ll be able to follow your exampls — I can’t use ninety percent of the blog features. I need tech support in a big way.

  6. It’s very smart of you to prepare posts ahead of time. I really need to do a better job of this. I’m able to prepare ahead once in a while but mostly, I have to post early in the morning.

    Sometimes, like yesterday, when things happen, I don’t have the time to post and end up not updating.

    Isn’t Bob following the 12 step program? LOL

  7. Oh I feel so slow, I have no idea how to get my blog to send the posts out when I want! nd if I put them in DRAFTS, and then publish them later, they come out on my blog timeline way back when I first drafted them! I need to get Bob to help me.

  8. Who knew?

  9. Oh that Bob! He likes to mess with us sometimes too…

    So, I know I’m a new kid on the blogging block, and you’re a veteran and all, but I gave you a little award today 🙂 Not sure if this is what the cool kids are doing, if not I can blame it on Bob, right?

    BTW homemade Mac & Cheese rocks my world. Really. Especially if it has crumbs on top. So, you know…make sure to include crumbs on top, or at least the option 😉


  10. that is so wonderful…who knew you could do something like that!! but i am lucky to be able to write one post at a time…cheers to however it works for you, right!!!

  11. This is halarious! Now I want you to tell me how Bob works because I need a Bob to post for me at 6am too. Usualy I am up at 8 and can get a post off by 9am if I am lucky. But over here in the Pacific Standard Time zone that’s like noon or past dinner time in the rest of the world.

  12. Oh, that’s how you do it!
    .-= Francesca´s last post ..Summer til the end =-.

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