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It’s Thursday, so I’m Crafting my Life! I invite you to join in the fun. If you would like to share a story from your own journey, please drop me a line.

I wrote an e-book! It’s true, I really did. I wrote an e-book, and then I hired a fabulous editor, and now I have an actual finished book that you can read on your computer or your e-reader. It’s 114 pages long, and it has 12 sections, and it looks very book-like. I’m quite proud of myself, let me tell you.

Crafting my Life Finding Your Purpose Living with Intention E-BookThe Crafting my Life e-book is based on the material I created for the Crafting my Life online class. The online class is for moms who know they want something else in their lives, but they’re not entirely sure what. Or maybe they have some ideas, but they need a little bit of help getting started. It runs for 12 weeks, and it covers a new topic each week. Class participants take stock of their lives, draw inspiration from others, tap into their creative sides, and make space in their lives for themselves. They find their bliss, face their dragons, manage their money and work on their relationships. There are emails with ideas to think about, audio interviews, videos and live chats. There’s also an online community to draw support from.

I love the Crafting my Life online class, but I know that it’s not for everyone. For one thing, it has a set start and finish date, so you need to work around someone else’s schedule. For another, not everyone wants to participate in an online community or live chats. And finally, while I’ve done my best to make the class affordable to most everyone, I know that cost can be an issue for many moms. That’s where the Crafting my Life e-book comes in.

As I said, the e-book includes material from the online class. In fact, if you took the Crafting my Life class you’ll be receiving an email with a link to the book soon, and if you take the class in the future you’ll receive the book as part of the class material. But the book can stand on its own, too. My idea was to create a slightly more affordable option that people can start at anytime, and work through on their own, at their own pace. I’m happy to say I’ve done that. You won’t have access to the audio interviews, videos, community or live chats, but you will have lots of practical ideas for helping you start off in a new direction. And I’m always here to support you on your journey, whether you’re working through the book or taking the class.

I sent an email to the Crafting my Life mail list earlier this week announcing the e-book price and launch dates. If you’re a subscriber, you gain advance access and discount pricing to everything in Crafting my Life. You’re also the first to hear what’s happening next. But I love you whether you subscribe or not, so let me share the info with you that I shared with my subscribers a couple of days ago:

Crafting my Life E-Book Launch

December 26, 2011 – Advance discount sales start for mail list subscribers. Price: $42 USD
January 1, 2012 – The e-book officially launches for everyone. Price: $57 USD

To give you a comparison point, the Crafting my Life online class is regularly priced at $117 USD, so you’re saving more than 50% by opting for the e-book.

If you can’t decide between the e-book and the class, I’m going to make life easy for you. Since the e-book is included with the class, if you buy the e-book I’m crediting its cost towards the class fee, if you decide to enroll at any point in the future. I’ll be running the online class again in late January. So whether you prefer to work on your own, or you want to take part in a community of people who are seeking to live with greater authenticity and purpose, or you can’t make up your mind, there’s an option for you. So stay tuned to Crafting my Life, and prepare for a great year in 2012!

PS – You may be wondering about my dream of writing an actual book. I still have that. And I learned a lot while I worked on the Crafting my Life e-book that I’m using as I approach my book dream. Sometimes dreams take some time to realize, but if we keep hold of them, we can find that we have many opportunities to learn and grow and make progress. I view my experiences with my e-book as an example of that.

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