Terrible TV I’ve Known and Loved

I don’t have a TV anymore. Our one and only TV set died a little over 6 months ago, and we’ve been undergoing an experiment to see how long we can last without it since. And we’ve lasted. It’s been especially nice to not have twice-daily battles about TV with our preschooler. For the most part, the TV-less lifestyle is working for us.

But the lack of TV doesn’t mean I don’t see any TV shows. Not by a long shot, thanks to the magic of the internet and the streaming broadcast. And the sad truth is that, as always, the TV I do see isn’t always what you would call good.

As a teenager my favourite show was Beverly Hills, 90210. Watching that was seriously the highlight of my week. I lived and breathed Brenda, Kelly and Dylan. And Brandon. Such a dreamboat, and played by a former Vancouverite, to boot. Now that it’s almost 20 years later, I am sort of appalled by the old episodes. But they continue to hold a certain nostalgia for me, and I can never hear that theme song without feeling a little thrill down my spine.

So you know I was first in line to see the new 90210. And it has not disappointed me one bit. The kids at West Bev are every bit as angst-ridden and melodramatic as they ever were. And beautiful, don’t forget beautiful. I haven’t missed a single episode.

Still, I think the worst TV program I watched, and watched religiously, has got be Charmed. Like the original 90210 it was an Aaron Spelling vehicle starring Shannen Doherty. But I stuck with it long after she left, oh yes I did. The series was about three sisters who also happened to be powerful witches, the ‘Charmed Ones’. Together they used their magic to battle evil and truly horrific storylines, wearing completely impractical tight-fitting clothing and high heels. But it was such fun I couldn’t stop watching. I stuck with it to the bitter end, man.

Those are some highlights, but there have been many more shows I’ve loved and watched with the blinds closed, lest somebody should see. Like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Judging Amy and Dawson’s Creek. Does anyone else remember Sisters or Once and Again? (I am clearly a big fan of Sela Ward). Oh, and let’s not forget about Big Brother. I could literally feel my brain cells oozing out my ears while I watched that.

Now, please share. I know I’m not the only one who’s seen way more than my fair share of bad TV. Spill!

I was inspired to write about bad TV today thanks to Mommy Melee‘s Girl Talk Thursday. For more TV confessions click the ‘Girl Talk Thursday‘ button.

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    1. I LOVED Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I wanted to marry Sulli. I also really liked Sisters.

      I remember as a kid, I loved Murphy Brown and Designing Women. Now, Designing Women is still a guilty pleasure. Though I was too young for Little House on the Prairie when it originally aired, I love those reruns, too.

      Mostly now I’m hooked on Big Love on HBO and Desperate Housewives.

    2. Ah, Charmed. Those freaking spells weren’t even grammatically correct half the time.

      I never ever watch reality tv. I prefer my trash to be one hundred percent fiction. I watched Sisters and Once and Again (Sela rocks).

      In my student house in university there were two episodes of Star Trek on every evening starting at six. Dinner and essay-avoidance, anyone? I am also apparently a big fan of watching people kill each other in ever new and inventive ways.

      Oh, and your kids are too young for this, but Phineas and Ferb? Freaking brilliant. Best show ever. Seriously.

    3. Loved charmed too. Watched it in college with my friend on her itsy bitsy TV in her dorm room.

    4. Vernacular says:

      Charmed saved my life. Or it saved me from a serious depression. I’ve been tv-less since I was 19, and I’ve been just fine with that. But, one day, when my chemicals were just whacked out horrifically, I checked into a little hotel, to avoid poking out the eyes of friends and neighbors.

      I turned on the tv in that little stale room just as Charmed was airing. I hee-hawed my way back toward relative sanity in a 30-minute period.

      And, now, you’re right, computers ARE made of magic.

      I LOVE that you’re raising your preschooler tv-free. Not that I’m judge-y or anything. Just like the thought.

      Also, HI!

    5. 90210 fan, which I watch on the Internet since we have no cable. Also found and loved True Blood. It is soapy enough for me, but also scary enough for the husband so we watch it together.
      Just found your blog! Great stuff.

    6. loved many shows back in the days my sister loved 90210

    7. p.s. thank you SO much for setting the 90210 song playing in my head over and over all day.

    8. I used to be totally hooked on teen dramas. I watched 90210. I watched Party of Five. I watched Dawson’s Creek. I watched Degrassi, both the original and the Next Generation. I both watched and prepared a lecture on The OC (to be fair, i was teaching Pop Culture at the time, so this wasn’t completely crazy, and I probably still have the Powerpoint on my hard drive if you’re interested). And I *wanted* to watch the new 90210. I wanted to feel the cheezy joy that teen dramas usually give me, but I downloaded the first two episodes and they sat on my hard drive for months. I have never been able to bring myself to watch them. For some reason, I can’t make myself want to. And I feel strangely bereft.

    9. melissa dominic says:

      my mother was a huge fan of sisters, so i grew up watching that! i, though, was quite the fan of dawson’s creek for the first few seasons~!

    10. I loved Sisters. I too watch the new 90210. I love Smallville (the men are hot) and I love Jon and Kate +8. Actually, I can live with HGTV all the time.

    11. Jessica says:

      I also was a huge fan of Dr. Quinn. I own all of Dawson’s Creek on DVD. But, I most relate to 90210. The series debuted when I was in the 7th grade, so I watched for all of my formidable years. I was a huge Kelly Taylor fan, and I always wished that she had ended up with Steve. Because, I was oh so in love with Steve.

    12. Christy says:

      I was huge fan of 90210 when I was a teenager.

      Sisters and Once and Again were favourites too.

      One of my absolute favourites in high school was My So-Called Life. We were all in love with Jared Leto :)

    13. No TV guilty pleasures, but major ones pop music – including boys bands and Britney.

    14. I used to love Charmed. I don’t know why, it just stuck to me.

      Way to go on not having TV for that long. I really don’t think I could have done it.

    15. I never watched Charmed! I think the only one I watched on this list was 90210. Which totally convinced me that I A. had breast cancer and B. would get pregnant as a teen. I think I was a paranoid kid.

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