Ten Hopes for my Children

When we have children, we hope for good things for them. When you’re going through pregnancy and childbirth and night wakings and the toddler years you become somewhat invested in the outcome. Which isn’t to say that I expect my children to pursue a certain profession or undertake specific hobbies or marry certain people. I love my kids unconditionally (which is why I haven’t run away screaming during dinner hour when I often feel like it), and nothing they can do will ever change that. But there are, nonetheless, certain hopes that I hold for my babies.

Because, you know, they’re my babies.

Jacob and Hannah at the park

I was thinking, recently, about what exactly it is that I want for my children. What are my hopes for these little people that I’m trying so hard to raise into respectable adults? I got a start in listing them here.

Ten Things I Hope for my Children

  1. That they always feel free to pursue their dreams, even if only in some small way.
  2. That they learn to consistently place their dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper.
  3. That they are always able to depend on each other, because theirs will likely be the longest relationship in either of their lives.
  4. That they develop a love of reading, just as they already have a love of books.
  5. That they stop picking their noses and eating their snot when out in public.
  6. That they never feel as if they have to hide who they are.
  7. That if and when they find a partner, it’s someone that they share a deep mutual respect with.
  8. That they learn to take responsibility for their own actions.
  9. That they find meaningful work.
  10. That they look back on their childhoods fondly, because I’m really trying here.

Me and my babies

What about you? What are some of your hopes for your children? Rampant sentimentality and/or outright sarcasm are welcome!

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  1. I like #10–a lot.

  2. I like #10 too. I think that is my biggest concern. Will all this effort be remembered? I really hope so.

  3. Hey Amber! It was really nice to meet you last week at the Vancouver Mom party! For my own child I hope that they grow into kind, respectful caring adults. I hope that my child, and any children to come, will be leaders and advocate for people need. All in all, I just want them to be loving.
    Mama in the City’s last post … Weve Cloned The Dog- Our New PuppyMy Profile

  4. I’m sure my goals will change greatly in upcoming years. Right now, I’m just happy when everyone can take care of their own toileting needs.
    Lady M’s last post … Hats and BustlesMy Profile

  5. What a great read to start out the morning!

    Rampant sentimentality or outright sarcasm? Amber, your list was a beautiful blend of both.

    I agree with all ten of your items. If I were to add one for my girls specifically, it would be that they eventually learn to master their emotions. Not to stuff bad feelings down and away, but to acknowledge them for what they are, why they are and deal with them in an appropriate manner. For M this means not hitting and saying “I hate…” but explaining what is making her angry. For F this means articulating what she is worried about instead of crying or furrowing her brow and trying to stuff her ear lobes inside her ears.
    Audra’s last post … Art EvolutionMy Profile

  6. LOVE this list!
    I would love for Nemo to be good at math, is that weird? It has always been my worst enemy.
    Plus stay a cool, loving little dude, of course. But math? Yeah, I’ve always thought “getting it” made life way easier.

  7. I guess I hope that they’re happier more often than they’re not, and that we all make it through our lives being a close family who actually talks about things and not just the weather.
    Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves’s last post … 13 Hours in the MakingMy Profile

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  1. […] much every parent, ever, I’m working very hard to create a happy childhood for my children. I want them to look back on this time in their lives fondly. I expect there will be times when they don’t so much, of course. Those dreaded teen years […]

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