Tea Stash: The Showdown

Last week I issued a challenge: I asked me to show me your tea stash. Now, the day of reckoning has arrived, and the question of who has the most tea will be answered. I know it’s not me, because I’ve already seen at least tea stash that’s bigger([cough] Kelly [cough]). But I did promise to show you my stash, so whether it measures up or not, I will display it proudly.

So, how does me stash stack up? Just over a year ago I had 17 kinds of tea in my collection. As of today, I have 19 different kinds of tea in my collection – and that’s after I did some serious trimming. There are seven full-octane teas, nine types of herbal tea, one decaffienated tea (I actually bought that one by accident), and one assorted mix with both. So, what do 19 different teas look like, when they’re not all crammed into a drawer? This:

My tea stash

While I buy a lot of tea, and I do enjoy the occasional cup, the truth is that I am not a hard-core tea drinker. This is why I end up with so many boxes, tins and bags in my cupboard, and it presents something of a conundrum. I recently found a solution: iced tea. I brew a big pot, add a bit of honey, and let it chill. My kids – not usually big tea drinkers – really enjoy it. I kind of prefer it, too, because you only have to make it once, and you can enjoy it for days. Plus, it harkens back to my youth, when I used to carry herbal tea to school in my thermos. By the time I drank it, it was only ever lukewarm. Retro iced tea.

(By the way, in case you were wondering, carrying herbal tea to school in a thermos is just one of many signs that I was raised by hippies.)

As I had my stash all laid out on the counter, my son Jacob got in on the counting fun:

Now I’ve shown you mine, which means it’s time for you to show me yours. What does your stash look like? How many different kinds of tea do you have? I want to know!

Show me Your Tea Stash at Strocel.comIf you’ve written a post, please include it in my link-up. Everyone who adds their post before 9:00pm Pacific time on Friday, January 20 will be entered into a draw. I’ll buy the winner a box of tea, on me. I may even ask about the winner’s preferences, so that I can be sure to choose something that will be appreciated. As I mentioned in my post last week, I’m not being sponsored in any way, I just want to share the tea love. I hope you’ll play along and share the love, too.

Now, what are you waiting for? Show me your (tea) stash!

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  1. I love this! When I get back from vacation, I’m definitely showing you my stash!
    Old School/New School Mom’s last post … Almost One in TexasMy Profile

  2. Hahaha, I love the herbal tea in a thermos! That’s so cute.
    LindsayDianne’s last post … Family Snow DayMy Profile

  3. I loooove tea. I am an avid tea drinker. Over the years I’ve pared down my collection simply because I know what I like, and frankly because I have less spending money than I used to have. 🙂 Right now I have six boxes of different herbal teas, a jumbo box of regular black tea, a box of jumbo black tea bags for iced tea, a whole host of random assorted herbal tea bags, and two different kinds of chai. I still lust after more!

    I also like coffee quite a lot and I think we have three or four different kinds in the cabinet right now.
    Cate’s last post … Big Sibling GiftsMy Profile

  4. I love the idea of being a tea drinker, but I fail miserably at execution. I had green tea yesterday and today, and I like the ritual of it but I’m not sure I like the green tea. I used to have a lot, but I figured out I don’t really like herbal tea, so I’ve scaled back. One of my tricks is to keep all the different tea bags in a tin together, and then the flavours sort of mix up together and everyone thinks it’s something very exotic.
    allison’s last post … Unearned GraceMy Profile

  5. Amber. You metioned my tea stash. Whilst coughing. LOL!
    kelly @kellynaturally’s last post … Are You Free to Take Some Tea?My Profile

  6. What a great stash. Love the variety too. Did you bring tea in a thermos when I knew you too?
    Brandee’s last post … Wanna see my stash?My Profile

    • I’m pretty sure my thermos was gone by grade 5 or 6. It came with my Flinstones lunchbox, which I wouldn’t have been caught dead with after puberty hit. Now I think it would be kind of cool, though.

  7. My stash looks little in comparison but thanks for reminding me to dig in there and see what good stuff awaits!
    Cheryl’s last post … Tea StashMy Profile

  8. I have always been a tea drinker. Coffee is too hard on my stomach. I have always drunk black tea – Earl Grey or English Breakfast mostly. In the last month though I have discovered David’s tea – I can’t admit to how much I have spent on tea in the last month 😉

  9. This was fun. I think I need to move to Canada and start drinking David’s teas. Really adorable counting in the video!

  10. I joined in the fun, at the very last minute. For that is my way.
    Lauren @ Hobo Mama’s last post … High time for teaMy Profile

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