Tea Stash Challenge, Round Two

My name is Amber, and I am a tea hoarder collector. When I ask guests what kind of tea they would like, and then pull out my tea drawer, the most common reaction is an audible gasp. It seems that most people don’t have dozens of teas to choose from. Most people buy two or maybe three different types of tea, and then finish them before buying more. I am not most people. If you are not most people, either, or if you just enjoy seeing what happens when a tea collection gets seriously out of hand, this is the post for you.

A little over a year ago I decided to gather my tribe and issue a challenge to discover who has the biggest tea stash. Fourteen brave souls played along. The overall biggest stash went to my friend Janet, who had 60 different kinds of tea. My friend Brandee came in second with 45. Clearly, I had found my tribe. We are the people who can’t walk past a tea shop without stopping in and buying one (or five) new blends to try.

I have not spent the past year depleting my tea stash. In fact, to my husband’s great chagrin, it has grown even larger. It’s not all my fault, though. You see, once people discover that you collect tea, they start giving you more. Arguably, more tea is the last thing in the world that I need, but truthfully I love to receive it as a gift. As a result, my current collection is bursting at the seams. I still have fewer teas than Janet and Brandee … but not by much. When I opened my tea cupboard recently, it occurred to me that the time is ripe to issue a challenge once again. And so, I am inviting you to show me your tea stash!

show me your tea stash challenge 2013
A snapshot of my current stash

Show me Your Stash!

Take some time this week to write a blog post about your tea stash, and then come back here on Monday, February 25, 2013. I’ll be sharing the nitty-gritty details of my own stash, and confirming exactly how many boxes, bags and tins I have. I’ll also include a link-up. Let’s see who takes home the compulsive tea collector crown – or who has the utmost restraint in the tea aisle. To sweeten the pot, I’ll be drawing one name from the folks who play along and sending the lucky person some tea from my favourite local tea shop, on me. I’m not being sponsored and I’m not acting on behalf of big tea. I just want to share the love.

I’ve created a button, which you can use in your post:

Show me Your Tea Stash Strocel.com

Now, what are you waiting for? Show me your (tea) stash!

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  1. LOL! I dislke all fruity teas so I’m limited to Red Rose or Tetley (orange pekoe) and rooibas but I have developed an obsession with David’s Teas, which has some pretty outstanding rooibas flavours including, seriously: chocolate-mint rooibas!

    Your local tea shop looks wonderful!
    harriet Fancott’s last post … The Love ListMy Profile

  2. Tea shared! But not to win, since I (spoiler!) already have a tea-hoarding issue that needs sorting out first!

    Jen’s last post … Tea-mendousMy Profile

    • Yay, Jen!

      Also, I can seriously relate on the tea-hoarding front. It’s somewhat ironic that the more tea I acquire, the more other people buy for me, when arguably it’s the last thing I need.

  3. jencloss

    A tea for every occasion! Sometimes I want caffeine, sometimes not, sometimes something herbal and refreshing, sometimes something creamy and indulgent. Something floral, something nutty… so ya, we have a tea problem. Most of it is David’s Tea, they have such variety AND you can order online! Spend $50 and shipping is free! So of course we always spend $50… 🙂 And lately all I want is coffeeeeeee.

  4. Omg, you’re so funny! I do remember your post from last year and thinking I’ve found my people too =) I’ll play along, I gotta clean out my tea drawer anyway =)
    amy lee’s last post … bonding and connecting through bakingMy Profile

  5. I love a good link-up, but not much has changed in my tea cupboard in the last year. Maybe I’ll just link up a boring post. 😉
    Rebecca B.’s last post … Stacking like the Cat in the HatMy Profile

  6. I should really do this – I am such a terrible tea hoarder. We have not one, but TWO full shelves in our cupboard dedicated to the ridiculous amount of tea that I keep on hand. I am helpless in a tea shop – I must buy something!
    Krista’s last post … Dillon’s DistillersMy Profile

  7. I have to admit that I am too embarassed to show you my stash because my in-laws constantly give me poor quality tea! I have this huge stash of really poor quality tea that I am ashamed to show to “real” tea drinkers. I actually don’t drink it, for the most part. I have been using it to make kombucha!
    Jenny B’s last post … My green smoothie recipe (sort of)My Profile

  8. I can now show to my worried husband, that I’m plain amateur compared to serious tea drinkers. I mean, I have my usual allotment (camomile for sore throat, linden for clearing lungs, mint for upset tummy – I’m from eastern Europe, each tea has a purpose), and my husband’s regular green tea plus our favourite matcha. But then again, I got into idea to buy various flavours and takes on regular teas, so I got 2 different earl grays, 3 different roobois, “white tea”, couple of “enhanced” greens, some herbal blends from various trips we took… oops, I think I’m on the certain path to get at least “amateur collector”. And aside from matcha, no other tea is consumed regularly – ergo my husbands annoyance when I get another blend of some sort.
    But yes, usual offer of “some tea” is met with open drawer and 30 minute discussion on who wants what at this point. But then, we’ve managed to complicate “coffee” issue too (with espresso and 20 variations), so this should not be surprise…

  9. This was a truly fun challenge and I don’t usually participate in memes! This year I’m applying my clean-out principle as I did to my bathroom cabinet (still at it) and not buying any more tea … not loose leaf tea, that is … !
    wyn’s last post … ye olde tea cabinetMy Profile

  10. Oh goody! This was very fun last year and I have progress to report. Thanks for hosting again! Now, I’ll just go make a cuppa…
    Melissa’s last post … Rumi’s FieldMy Profile

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