Tea Stash Challenge: 2013 Showdown

Last week I issued my second tea stash challenge, asking you to show me your tea stash. Now, the day of reckoning has arrived, and the question of who has the most tea will be answered. If you are a compulsive tea collector as I am, or you just enjoy seeing how much tea a tea hoarder can hoard, you’ll want to follow along closely. And because I am a good sport, whether it measures up or not, I will display my own stash proudly.

So, how does me stash stack up? In 2011 I had 17 kinds of tea in my collection. In 2012 I had 19 different kinds of tea in my collection. As of today I have 30 different kinds of tea. Clearly, my hoarding has only increased in the past year. So have the number of teas other people are gifting me with.

I have 11 herbal teas:

tea stash showdown herbal teas

I have 10 black teas:

tea stash showdown black teas

I have four rooibos teas (the “Herbal Blend” in this photo contains rooibos, so I’m calling it a rooibos):

tea stash showdown rooibos

And I have five “other” – two green, one oolong, one yerba mate and one blend of black, green and mate:

tea stash showdown other teas

That’s a lot of tea. Even I have to admit it. It’s even more when you consider that I am not a hard-core tea drinker. This is why I end up with so many boxes, tins and bags in my cupboard, and it presents something of a conundrum. Last year I worked my way through some of my stash by making iced tea. I think I should try that again. Maybe I should also send herbal tea to school in my kids’ thermoses. That was one of the best parts of my own hippie childhood.

Show me Your Tea Stash at Strocel.comNow I’ve shown you mine, which means it’s time for you to show me yours. What does your stash look like? How many different kinds of tea do you have? I want to know!

If you’ve written a post, please include it in my link-up. Everyone who adds their post before 9:00pm Pacific time on Thursday, February 28, 2013 will be entered into a draw. You don’t have to be a tea hoarder, or have 30 kinds of tea in your cupboard, to join in on the fun. I’ll buy the winner some tea, on me. As I mentioned in my post last week, I’m not being sponsored in any way, I just want to share the tea love. I hope you’ll play along and share the love, too.

Now, what are you waiting for? Show me your (tea) stash!

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  1. Super fun idea. Makes me want to go count my own teas. I am sure there are at least 20, more if you count my individual medicinal tea herbs in jars.
    Melodie’s last post … The Night My 7 Year Old Made DinnerMy Profile

  2. I will update my tea excel spreadsheet and let you know 🙂

  3. I’d like to see how much (dark) chocolate others are hoarding! Just another link-up idea. 😉
    Rebecca B.’s last post … Let them drink tea, again!? (Round Two)My Profile

  4. Ah – I had high hopes of writing something for this. I did manage to drink about 12 cups (or more) of tea over the week. But not one word for your philosophy….ah well. This time round, I’ll be a happy spectator and enjoy the other posts with tea and a biscuit. Thanks for hosting – this is a fun idea.
    Melissa’s last post … February PostMy Profile

  5. I just saw this post now and I’m so irked to be late to the (tea) party! I’m going to have to remember this post next year when you (hopefully) do it again.

    For the record: 44 teas, not including the whackload of rooiboses I recently offloaded to my mother and the many, many boxes of tea I have stashed (no pun intended) around work. In my defense, I lived around the corner from an awesome tea shop for 12 years. I couldn’t pass by without going in and buying something (plus they always gave me free samples and discounts!)

    I sympathize with the fact that you get a lot of tea as gifts. I have become “the tea person” in the family and now have more tea and tiny teapots than I can comfortably handle!

    • 44? That is impressive! I’d love to see your collection, late or not.

      • https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BFDnCPmCIAErTyM.jpg

        Now it’s 45, because I bought another bag this morning. (CAN’T. STOP.)

        Painful detail follows . . . .

        – Four O’Clock Brand Gingerbread tisane & Almond Biscotti white tea (Christmas overstock on sale now in the organic aisle of your local Superstore)
        – Murchies Smilin Buddha lychee black tea in awesome collector can
        – Murchies Chai Spice rooibos (P.S. – Murchies is a great place to buy tea because they sell by the ounce, so you can buy 1 oz. bags of tea when you just want to sample)
        – Trader Joe’s Ruby Red Chai rooibos (with my 3rd TJ tea, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like TJ tea)
        – Tega lemon hibiscus green rooibos (bought at a South African import store)
        – Davidrio Caramel Chamomile (available at London Drugs. Makes excellent hot gin toddies)
        – Grapefruit green tea (sent by a friend who lives in France)
        – Orange Spice herbal tea (ditto – the name sounds better in French, but I’m not writing it out because I don’t want to sound pretentious)
        – Volcano burst green tea (a “blossoming flower” tea)
        – Haney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice black tea (very sweet – it’s the kind of tea you give to people who hate tea)
        – Haney & Sons Pan Asian green tea
        – Haney & Sons lemon verbina tea
        – Mango flavoured black tea (sent by a friend living in the Netherlands)
        – English breakfast tea (sent by a friend living in Denmark but vacationing in England)
        – fennel tea (good for digestion)
        – Blue Teapot White Pearl of Fujian white tea
        – Blue Teapot Marakesh mint tea
        – Tea Time bancha green tea
        – Tea Time hojicha green tea
        – Tea Time genmaicha green tea
        – Tea Time jasmine green tea
        – Tea Time Sour Sop black tea
        – Tea Time China Rose Congou
        – Tea Time decaf orange spice
        – Tea Time Earl Grey rooibos
        – Tea Time cranberry rooibos
        – Tea Time blueberry muffin rooibos
        – Tea Time mint chamomile
        – Tea Time lavender (used more for baking, actually)
        – Tea Time dried ginger root
        – Tea Time lemon verbina
        – Domo caramel chai stone ground black tea
        – Salt Spring holiday spice black tea
        – Salt Spring maple medley herbal/rooibos
        – Sacred Mountain “tranquility blend” (chamomile/lavender)
        – 6 teas I bought in Belgium last year. The names are not only cryptic (I think one is called “No Comment”?), but handwritten in terrible handwriting in French or Flemish so I have no idea what they actually are. Green teas with mostly fruity flavours is my best guess.
        – Culinary Blossom spiced golden apple green tea

        If you’d like any tea place/flavour suggestions, feel free to ask!

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