Talking Technology with Kathy Buckworth and Ruth Morton

Let me tell you a story. Sometime back in April I received an invitation to an event here in Vancouver called Hotmail and Cocktails. The event featured Kathy Buckworth, mom of four and published author, and Ruth Morton, mother of two-year-old twin boys (bless her soul) and Microsoft Evangelist.

Kathy Buckworth


The event sounded cool, but it happened on a Wednesday night, which is when I get my yoga on. Since my yoga class is often the only thing that’s keeping me from going totally around the bend, I politely declined.

It turns out that many very cool people went. I read all about it on Twitter and Facebook. I felt jealous. I wanted to sip cocktails and hear about how awesome Hotmail is now, too. But I was feeling pretty zen after my yoga class, so I reigned in the jealousy and decided that if I couldn’t see Kathy and Ruth, I could at least talk with them. And so I did.

We talked about parenting, ER visits, email management, technology holy wars and a whole lot more. It was actually talking to Kathy that gave me the impetus to tame my own inbox. I had a really great time chatting with them.

Ruth Morton


I think the key take-away from the conversation, for me, is that technology should serve us, we shouldn’t serve technology. If something isn’t working for you, then you can find a better solution. And if you do a little digging, you may even discover that a tool you haven’t tried in a while has improved dramatically in the past decade. So keep an open mind, be flexible, and see how technology can make your life better.

I really enjoyed chatting with Kathy and Ruth. Listen to our conversation here:

What about you? How do you keep your own email under control? And do you feel like a slave to your technology, or does it work for you? I’d love to hear!

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  1. So great to talk to you Amber – really enjoyed the three way conversation with yourself and Ruth. Next time I’m in Vancouver I’ll try not to come on a Wednesday:)

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