Talking TCM and Changing Your Lifestyle with Allie Chee

I connected with Allie Chee – also known as Texanese Mama – on Twitter. That’s not particularly noteworthy, because I probably connect with more people using Twitter than by any other means. But then she sent me a message, I checked out her blog and we started emailing back and forth a little, and I could see that she had a really interesting story to share. Now that I’m all about collecting people’s stories, I asked to interview her, and she agreed.

Allie Chee Texanese Mama Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM PodcastAllie grew up in Texas, and her lifestyle was very typical for an American child in the 1970s. But a course of events exposed her to some different ideas, and she slowly started to change her lifestyle. She eventually overhauled her entire lifestyle, from what she ate, what she did, what her home looked like and the words she chose, in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic precepts.

When Allie was expecting her first child in her early 40s, she held strong to her new lifestyle, and approach to health and nutrition. It led her to choose to give birth at home, attended by a midwife. She shared that story in a guest post here last week, called Swimming in the Bliss of Natural Birth. While Allie acknowledges that home birth is not for everyone – and indeed, I did not choose it for myself for a variety of reasons – I found her story compelling, and admired the way that stuck to her guns and advocated for herself and her birth.

During our interview Allie shared the story of her journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine, and talked about how that informs her daily life. I asked her whether she thought that making dramatic, wholesale changes to your lifestyle is realistic for most people, and we discussed her experiences as a first-time mom at age 42. It was really interesting to listen to what she had to say, and I learned a little bit about an entirely new worldview through our conversation. You can hear it for yourself here:

Next week, I’ll be sharing an interview with another mom – my local city councilor, mother of two and one-time surrogate Selina Robinson. While Allie and Selina have very different stories, they both bucked convention to do what they knew was right. If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to serve as a surrogate, or you have your own designs on local politics, you’ll want to hear what Selina has to say. Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes, and you won’t miss a thing!

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  1. She does sound really interesting. I’m terrible at listening to podcasts though. I’ll check out her blog and try to remember to download some of the interviews for walking or the gym.
    allison’s last post … Surly ThursdaysMy Profile

    • I totally understand the podcast issues. I didn’t listen to them myself until I started making them, but now I adore them. They’re like talk radio that you can pause.

      But really, you don’t owe me any explanation. 🙂

  2. This was a great interview! I’m all about TCM! I love acupuncture!
    Old School/New School Mom’s last post … Toad, I Have Sent You a LetterMy Profile

  3. After reading this blog post and listening to the interview with Allie, I feel that she is a very strong woman and serves as an inspiration. She is a motivator for any woman who has stopped taking care of herself and has made herself busy in other chores of life.
    Rosalia’s last post … Como engordar : algunas soluciones por videoMy Profile

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