My Happiness List: January 2013 Edition

Every so often over at Crafting my Life I used to publish my personal happiness list. Every so often, it’s nice to take some time to think about the things that are making you happy. This is even more true when you’re still dealing with a minor illness, as I am at the moment. I could really use the chance to focus on the things that are great in my life, which really are much higher in number than the things that aren’t, including the persistent cough.

Let’s get the joy party started, shall we?

happiness list gardening books

My Happy List

  1. Peanut butter. So fast, so easy, so loved by my children.
  2. My new iPad Mini, and all the books my husband loaded on it for me.
  3. The sun, making an appearance in the sky as I sit here and type.
  4. My pretty new computer chair, which is both white and easy-clean, because you can’t have the first without the second.
  5. A weekend getaway with my husband next month to look forward to.
  6. The smell of my lavender dish soap. It’s not quite enough to make dish-washing fun, but it helps.
  7. The way my son is so excited to go to daycare and see his friends.
  8. The pile of gardening books I borrowed from the library, just waiting for me.
  9. Talk radio.
  10. A cupboard full of tea.
  11. My daughter’s extreme enthusiasm over our planned trip to Disneyland for Spring Break.
  12. A sewing project I’m itching to get started on.
  13. Chocolate.
  14. Feeling on top of my workload, which is often not the case.
  15. The TV show Fringe, which I have been hooked on since it started, and which is airing its grand finale tomorrow. I will miss it.
  16. This house, that has been my home for almost 10 years, and that holds so many memories.
  17. Homemade ice cream.
  18. The smell of the ocean.

What about you – what’s on your happy list right now? I’d love to hear!

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