Summertime Fun

It was a sweltering hot day today at Casa de Strocel.  Jon was off covering some Whitecaps games, so Hannah and I were on our own and feeling grumpy.  She wanted to go outside at about 2:00, but it was just too hot to play in the shadeless playground near our house.  I was afraid to drive to one of the seaside parks, because I was fairly certain they would be packed.  So, I did what any enterprising mom would do–I stripped my kid naked, and set up the sprinkler in our back yard.

Hannah had a great time playing in the water, eating fresh raspberries, and playing chase.  I got a happy toddler, a handful of raspberries for myself, and some time outside in the cool shade.  As I was out there with my kid, I thought that this is what summertime is about.  I think that our romantic notions of Summer are formed in our childhoods, when it was all about no school, long evenings, and outdoor fun.  Popsicles, sundresses, and sprinklers.  Trips to the lake, watermelon, and wading pools.  Walking along in an ice-cold stream until your feet are numb.  Salmonberries, blackberries, and the PNE.

I’m so excited to share all of this with Hannah.  I can’t wait!

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  1. Lucky girl, lucky mom. Those are some of the sweetest memories we can hold. Nan

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