Some Weeks Are Like That

I love Judith Viorst’s children’s classic, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. The picture of the mother just looking down at the floor with no words left as Alexander destroys his father’s office slays me every single time. I think every parent can relate to the feeling of just being so done with the mayhem. And I think every person can relate to the idea that some days are like that … even in Australia.

My week is looking to be sort of like that.

Everything is coming to a head for me at school right now. I have a history paper due tomorrow, an education paper due on Monday, and a kinesiology midterm on Tuesday. It’s a whole lot of reading, writing and studying all at once. I’m having a hard time keeping up with anything else that I have to do, which is understandable. I’m trying to be understanding, and keep in mind that this will all be over very soon.

home improvementOn top of this, we’re in the middle of a home improvement fiasco. Last May we hired a company to do some renovations for us. There were a series of delays, but in late summer they came and did the first part of the work for us. Then there were another series of delays, but a week ago Monday they came and started the second part of the job. This part involved ripping out our master ensuite and closet. To prepare, my husband Jon and I moved our clothes into suitcases and our bed downstairs to our family room floor.

For two and a half days, they worked, and then they explained that their electrician had taken a sudden trip to Disneyland and we’d need to wait until Monday for him to show up. I wasn’t thrilled, but I didn’t overthink it. I agreed that we would connect again on tge following Monday. Come Monday morning when I hadn’t heard anything by about 11:30 I made a phone call. Later in the day my husband made a phone call. We didn’t hear back. Yesterday – Tuesday – I made some more phone calls. Finally I got an email, and it didn’t contain good news.

Our contractor announced that his business was entering ‘creditor protection’. As a result, he didn’t know when he’d be able to come and resume work on our house. Of course, this announcement only came after our closet, toilet, shower, sink and walls were removed.

So. Not. Good.

Now, on top of my school work, and everything else that comes with my daily life of working and parenting and what-have-you, my husband and I are dealing with this. We’re figuring it out, and we will be okay. We have excellent advice, in the form of experienced friends and family. All the same, it looks like we’ll be sleeping in our family room for the foreseeable future. It’s so fun being woken up at 3:00am by the cat using the litter box a few feet away.

I guess some weeks are like that. Even in Australia.

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  1. GAAAAHHH!!! I’ve never had anything that catastrophic happen with home improvement, but I’ve hired several contractors who didn’t show up as scheduled and acted like I ought to be able to read their minds and understand what was going on. >:-( I hope you find a speedy and not-ridiculously-expensive solution to your problem.

    I love that book, too! It was used as a “sermon” in Unitarian children’s services when I was a kid and was one of the best stories we got there–most of them were heavy-handedly politically correct or extremely grim–Alexander teaches that everybody has bad days when the little things add up to an overall feeling of everything going wrong, and that we just have to accept that some days are like that, go to bed, and get ready to start over tomorrow.
    ‘Becca’s last post … Humidify Your Home the Cheap and Easy Way!My Profile

    • We’ll be okay … but I don’t think any solution will be speedy.

      As for Alexander, the minister at our Unitarian church actually read it to the kids a few weeks ago. Clearly it’s a favourite in those circles!

  2. It sounds like one of those days for sure. I would be lamenting for Calgon to take me away…and then I would make a tray of scalloped potatoes and horde them all for myself.

  3. Oh no! I know you will get through (and it will be yet another family story to share in years to come) I think you are allowed, and should, indulge in some ranting! I rank I would lose it in your situation. We have only ever done minor renovations (just prior to listing our home when I was pregnant with #3 and working full time for the first time since having kids) and I lost it completely. As in emotional meltdowns that would do Alexander proud. Scream, cry, rant, then breathe deeply and just keep swimming. Ugh. Gee this sounds like the beginning of a Mike Holmes show.
    Christy’s last post … Pollinator Possibilities: Mason BeesMy Profile

    • Trust me, there has been plenty of ranting. I’m not able to blog too much about this right now, but I look forward to sharing a whole lot more once it’s behind me.

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