Signs of Autumn

It’s autumn in Metro Vancouver. The days are getting shorter, and there’s sometimes frost on the grass in the morning. Even the quality of the light has changed, from the golden haze of summer to bright and crisp days.

In our neighbourhood people are putting up their Halloween decorations.

Everywhere the trees are changing colour. Although the fall display in this part of the world isn’t the most impressive, it’s still pretty. 🙂

And at our park the baseball diamond has gone to weeds. They’ve even set up soccer goalposts in the outfield, where the little kids play on the weekends.

And, of course, children also enjoy playing in all the fallen leaves. Hannah is no exception, as we’ve already seen.

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  1. Must be nice to still have leaves….our tree has been naked for some time now…but we have only had frost on a couple of mornings…..and it has only snowed once (but it didn`t stay – thankfully)!

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