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I have been sharing my dream of writing a book with you all here. In case you haven’t been following along, here is a summary of my book idea:

  • Talk to parents with diverse backgrounds and experiences from all across Canada.
  • Collect their stories surrounding the time that they welcomed their first child.
  • Talk about things like pregnancy, childbirth, hospitals, doctors, midwives, doulas, baby care, living with a newborn, breastfeeding, crying, maternity leave, grandparents …
  • Compile the stories into some kind of order, and include some stories of my own, as well as some information about pregnancy, birth and babies in Canada.
  • Create a book that feels like sitting around a kitchen table and sharing stories.

I want the book to have a Canadian focus, because there are so few books that do. My vision is that it would let other parents hear first-hand accounts of what this time is really like, from people who have walked the path before. It would also let us know that we’re not alone, that so many of us have wrestled with the same issues. And it would provide some illumination into what we’re doing well and what we’re doing not so well as we try to support parents through a big life change.

I feel pretty passionate about this idea. But I can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in. Would you be willing to share your story with me? If you welcomed your first child while you were living in Canada, I’d love to hear from you. I’m looking for adoptive parents as well as birth parents, and parents of multiples as well as parents of singletons. And I hope to hear from people from all different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter how old that first baby is now, as long as you can share your story accurately.

If you want to take part, and you’re willing to let me publish your story, visit my ‘Share Your Story‘ page and fill out the form. It will magically populate my spreadsheet, and I will be in touch with you to talk about your story further. Don’t be discouraged if it takes me a while – I expect this to be a long process.

I have to admit – I’m feeling pretty nervous posting this. It feels like a big step down the path of I’m actually doing this. There’s a big possibility that this won’t work out at all. But here’s what I know for sure – it definitely won’t work out if I retreat to my bed and eat ice cream all day, which I kind of feel like doing right now. So I’m going to ignore the fears and take a leap of faith. I think it might just pay off.

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Leaping! – credit to Stephanie Wallace Photography on Flickr

Edited: I understand there was a problem with the form earlier, but it should be working now, as of 8:45am Pacific / 11:45 Eastern.

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  1. Hi Amber,

    Clicking on the Share Your Story link brings me to a sign in page for – and asks for a username and password. I’d love to share my story with you and I think your book is something I’d definately buy and read – I’m excited for you! Let me know how I can contribute. Thanks!
    Tanya’s last post … ChoicesMy Profile

  2. Leaps are good! I’ve been trying to leap more often! In fact I just sent out my first article for an online gardening magazine! So who knows from here? Right?

    I’d have no problem sharing my story, if you need some filler space 🙂 Although the accuracy of my memory may be in question. I was in and out of consciousness while giving birth to my first. The second & third labour were crystal clear. That’s the way it goes I guess!
    Laura’s last post … Unexpected planters- On the shelfMy Profile

    • Good luck with your article!

      I am not looking just for birth stories, or just for certain KINDS of birth stories. I also want pregnancy and early infancy stories. And stories from people who were not necessarily conscious in birth. It’s all part of the diversity of experience, right?

  3. I would love to be a part of this!
    Desiree Fawn’s last post … She Is Her Mothers DaughterMy Profile

  4. I thinks it’s fab that you’re making the leap. The first step is the scariest but once you’re on the path it should be smooth-ish sailing.
    Marilyn’s last post … Photographic Evidence- Wednesday of Few WordsMy Profile

  5. I love this idea and I would love to be a part of it!
    Kirstin’s last post … Wordless Wednesday – FlamingosMy Profile

  6. Go for it! You are an amazing writer. I love checking in with you because a) I always learn something new related to parenting and living local and b) I love your voice. Awesome voice, concise, and you always have something interesting to say. I would buy your book.

    I’d love to be a part of your project but alas, I am not Canadian. Now, how you are searching for a publisher?

  7. Take the leap and ignore the fears Amber!
    PS I wish I was Canadian for this, but I know I couldn’t live at that latitude:)
    Francesca’s last post … one hundred and thirty tomatoesMy Profile

  8. I think you are just perfect to author this type of book Amber!! You will bring an awesome ear, interpretation and your great sense of style and whimsy. I can’t offer any canadian stories as I am now state side. My canadian connections these days are few, or older ….but if you ever need filler – gosh — let me know.
    Karen Hanrahan’s last post … The Natural Approach To Seasonal AllergiesMy Profile

  9. Wonderful, Amber – I’m so glad you’re doing this. Taking the leap – very inspiring 🙂

  10. I’m an adoptive Mom and would love to share my story.

  11. Good for you – going for it!
    Lady M’s last post … Must Go To IKEA Now!My Profile

  12. You know, I DID feel pretty alonebringing my first baby into the world, I felt completely unprepared for the reality of my “high needs” infant and felt like a complete failure everytime he cried. The worst was how I hid my fears and anxieties because people kept telling me when I was pregnant what a good mom I’d be.

    I would be honoured to share my story with you, especially since everything worked out okay for me (so it’s not a horror story through and through).
    *pol’s last post … Bathroom PaintMy Profile

  13. Way to go overcoming your fear! I believe in you!!! More than happy to share for your book and/or help in any way I can! I’m proud of you! 🙂

  14. Good for you.
    Capital Mom’s last post … HomeMy Profile

  15. While I’m not Canadian and can’t submit a story, wanted to say huge CONGRATS on doing this and getting started! Starting is the scariest part usually.
    AmberDusick’s last post … we dont grow cornMy Profile

  16. This is truly a tremendous idea, and I applaud you for going with your heart and working toward making this happen. I’m watching and hoping it shapes up just as you would like, because you deserve it!
    Christine LaRocque’s last post … CrossroadsMy Profile

  17. I’m just curious, are you worried about sharing your book ideas on the blogosphere? Is there ever any worry that someone will snatch your very well laid out book idea and make it their own, or am I being ridiculous?
    Mama in the City’s last post … This Book Belongs To The Library Of Benjamin- Top 5 Books For BabesMy Profile

    • Great things are never about the idea. It’s always about the execution, and the unique way Amber will do it. There is way more to be gained by sharing the journey.

    • My husband is being very sweet. But he’s more or less right. There are hundreds of parenting books, discussing more or less the same topic, and yet no 2 are exactly the same. It’s not so much about the germ of the idea, as it is about a whole lot of other things.

      Also, what is most important to me in conceiving of my book is that other people are excited along with me. It helps to demonstrate interest, and it feeds into my goal of sharing my journey.

      I will say that it would be different if I were writing a fiction book. In that case, you don’t want to reveal the ending first, or you spoil it. There is also a different process in terms of pitching a book and that sort of thing. With a nonfiction book you pitch it before you finish it, and you’re not trying to build suspense in the same way. You buy a nonfiction book knowing exactly what you’re going to get – the ending is in the title. “How to Build a Great Deck”, for example, is probably not going to have a twist where you end up with a treehouse instead.

  18. I love this idea. I can imagine the stories in your book-to-be touching hearts, being “real” with people, and meaning ever so much more than dry parenting books full of mere facts and statistics.
    Kimberly’s last post … We Make Our Hearts BigMy Profile

  19. Way to go, Amber.
    As one of my writing mentors once counselled me, the only projects worth doing are the ones that scare you.
    Be brave.
    Perseverance furthers.

  20. Leap and the net will appear!
    Harriet Glynn’s last post … A year in the lifeMy Profile

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