I’ve been spending a lot of time lately sewing baby carriers. I am currently working on my 6th home-made carrier, and my 8th carrier in total. It’s very addicting, because each carrier has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a never-ending quest for the perfect collection. Also, when I find a carrier that’s great, being a woman I inevitably think, “Wouldn’t this look great in some different colours?”

The problem is that this gets both expensive and time-consuming. By itself that’s not so bad, but consider also that I don’t really like sewing. I always have at least one melt-down per project involving bad words and crying. The overall result is a husband who is not particularly happy about my obsessive quest, because it doesn’t make me that much fun to live with. The upside, though, is that I really do have a lot of great options for carting my growing kid around.

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