See you in September (2009)

Today was my last day of work before maternity leave. I am using some vacation time now until the middle of August, or whenever this baby decides to arrive, whichever is first. I’m hoping it’s the baby (speaking of which, make your guess as to when this little one will drop here).

I know that I’ll be very busy really soon. At the moment, though, I’m feeling sort of nervous. What will I do with my newfound free time? How will we cope with the drop in income while I’m off? I can’t remember what I did last time I was on maternity leave. I remember that all my days were occupied, but I don’t really remember how. Plus, I had only myself and a 4-month-old to entertain, no preschoolers in tow.

I also feel a vaguely unsettling feeling leaving my job behind. Will it be there waiting for me? As I cool my heels over in baby land for 13 months, will they decide they don’t need me anymore? And then what?

I hope that this kid arrives soon and saves me from my pregnancy-induced delusions and anxiety. Then I’ll be too busy changing diapers and attempting to load up the car and the kids to worry about how I’ll spend my days.

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  1. Congrats on being done work. In no time at all you will wonder how you ever managed to work as well mother – your days will be so full you will wonder where the time went!

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