Poor Dorothy

When Hannah was born, Dorothy was demoted from baby to cat. As we all know, cats are all too convinced of their superior status, which makes the blow that much more severe. In Dorothy’s life, events will forevermore be demarcated as BH (before Hannah), or AH (After Hannah).

In the BH time, I would take 30 minutes or more every day just to play with Dorothy. In the BH time, Dorothy would spend hours sleeping on Jon’s lap and kneading his bathrobe to tatters. In the BH time, Dorothy got new toys on a monthly basis.

In the AH time, Dorothy is still fed, and her kitty litter is still cleaned. Every day, Dorothy gets some affection from both Jon and I. However, in the AH time, there are not hours in our day to devote to the cat. Also, in the AH time, the baby sometimes gets a handful of fur.

I console myself by knowing that Dorothy is still loved and well cared-for, that she is healthy, and that she doesn’t really remember the BH time. Still, I think it is a tragic thing in her life to be demoted from baby to cat. But I don’t regret having the baby for a second. 😉

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