Poem of the Month: Summer

Recently I re-embraced my adolescent love of writing poetry. Many of them are written just for me, but I have written enough that are not as personal and I’d like to share some of them. And so, a blog series is born. These aren’t necessarily my deepest poems, but I do enjoy each of them.

And now, here is this month’s poem, inspired by this summer that is just drawing to a close for me, as I prepare to start school next week.

poem of the month poetry summer

Summer 2015

This is the summer of scorching heat
Electricity thrumming over your body
Crackling brown grass on hardened feet

This is the summer of hugging both
Sides of the border skirting the dividing
Line (imaginary?) between here and there

This is the summer of running farther
Pushing your feet your lungs your heart
Go fast enough and you can outrun time

This is the summer of being betwixt and
Between one thing and the next sitting
In offices and waiting waiting waiting

This is the summer of a rat in the garden
Parsley and potatoes but no peas or
Corn and struggling saggy sunflowers

This is the summer of video games and
YouTube and catching up on TV shows
Way too much screen time for everyone

This is the summer of swimming lessons
And visits to the outdoor pool and drives
To lakes washing yourself clean in the water

This is the summer of racking up PC Points
And Joe Fresh clothes indulging in the cheap
Extravagances of modern North America

This is the summer when it all began or when
It all ended depending on your perspective
A single truth to bridge the gap: I was here

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  1. Sigh… the bitter sweetness of summer’s end.



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