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The death of a child is not something any parent wants to contemplate, including me. And yet, unfortunately, sometimes the unimaginable does happen. Today on the podcast I’m interviewing two mothers who have experienced the loss of a child, and who wrote a book about their experience, When Your Child Dies: Tools for Mending Parents’ Broken Hearts. I felt it was important to have them as guests on my podcast, both as a resource for those who have lost children, as well as for those who know someone who has.

Strocel.com Podcast When Your Child Dies

Avril and Randie have very different stories – Avril lost her newborn son shortly after his birth, while Randie’s adult son was murdered. But they both want to emphasize that whether you lose a babe in the womb, or your child is 60 years old, a parent’s loss is very real. They also both believe strongly that the grief following the loss of a child is a lifelong journey. You will never be completely the same.

Strocel.com Podcast When Your Child DiesAt the same time, Avril and Randie believe that it is possible to develop healthy coping mechanisms. Their book contains helpful tools, strategies and tips on how to heal from and handle the aftershock of this devastating loss. It covers practical issues in the immediate aftermath, like how to work with law enforcement, as well as living with loss in the longer term.

During our podcast Avril and Randie both shared their stories. They also shared some very helpful suggestions both for parents who have experienced loss, and the people around them. If you’ve ever felt uncertain what to say or do in the face of another parent’s grief, you’ll want to listen to our conversation. Avril and Randie were honest, practical and hopeful. I feel very privileged to be able to share this conversation with you. It’s not an easy subject, but it’s extremely important. I really hope that you will take the time to listen:

I have several interviews scheduled for next week, and I haven’t completely decided which one I’ll be sharing with you on Friday. You’ll have to tune in to find out. Subscribe to my podcast in iTunes and you won’t miss a minute!

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  1. It wasn’t until I had a child of my own that it realized how amazingly strong my dad is. The loss of my brother will be with him forever.
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