Podcast: Shanna Katz on Sexuality, Feminism and Body Positivity

I’m normally fairly conservative about what I post on this blog, because I use my real name and I know that anybody could be reading it. What’s more, I know that my grandmother does read it. If you’re a member of my immediate family, though, you may want to take a pass on today’s podcast. In fact, you may want to stop reading right now, because today I’m interviewing Board Certified Sexologist Shanna Katz, and we’re going to be having a frank discussion about sexuality.

Strocel.com Podcast Shanna Katz Feminism and Sexuality

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I get a fair number of PR emails in my inbox. I used to respond to each and every one, but as the volume has risen, I find myself deleting many of them unread. However, when you get a PR email with a, shall we say, spicy subject line, well, you click on that email. And when you follow a link to an author’s website and see a photo of her holding a plush vulva puppet, if you’re me you can’t resist inviting her on your podcast. This is how I came to find myself speaking to Shanna Katz in all her awesomeness.

I had a frank discussion with Shanna about sexuality, feminism and body positivity. How do mainstream representations of sex and sexuality reflect on gender dynamics and the way we view women? Are adult films demeaning and oppressive to women? And how can we move past the negative feelings we have about our bodies and embrace ourselves as we are? Shanna answers all these questions and more. Plus she gives some great tips for improving your own sex life.

My podcast with Shanna Katz is not what you would call family-friendly, so if you have kids within earshot and you’re not up to answering some hard questions, you may want to save this one for later. But if you’d like to hear a smart, funny, feminist sexologist discuss how to love and enjoy your body, listen to our conversation here:

Next week on the podcast I’m going to be switching things up and re-broadcasting an interview I did with Natalie Angell, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Shanti Uganda. If you’re a birth junkie, or you’d like to hear how one small non-profit is helping women in Uganda, you’ll want to tune in. Subscribe to my podcast in iTunes and you won’t miss a minute!

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