Podcast: Katy Farber of Non-Toxic Kids

Katy Farber is a fellow member of the Green Moms Carnival. She’s an author of two actual books, a teacher and a blogger. I had the chance to meet her in person at the BlogHer conference in San Diego, and we had lunch together. I even have photographic evidence.

Green Moms at lunch
That’s me on the left in the orange shirt, and Katy’s seated right in front of me

When it comes to walking the enviro-talk, Katy is the real deal. She’s a mom of two and a teacher, who is working hard on behalf of kids. Her blog Non-Toxic Kids is a great resource if you’d like to reduce the toxins your family is exposed to on a daily basis. She’s active with environmental groups, and has testified in the Vermont legislature. She’s also a member of the Moms Clean Air Force, a group that is politically active in the US, fighting for clean air for our children. In fact, if you’re an American yourself, I encourage you to join them, because I think all parents can agree that we want the best future possible for our children.

Eat Non-Toxic by Katy FarberIn the vein of ensuring our children have healthy futures, Katy has recently published a new e-book, Eat Non-Toxic: A Manual for Busy Parents. I snagged a review copy for myself, and it a basic, easy-to-understand guide that can help you take concrete steps towards reducing the toxins you’re exposed to in your food. And, of course, the toxins your kids are exposed to, as well. Once again, all parents want the best possible future for our kids, and I can’t imagine anyone would include mercury-laden fish in their definition of “best possible future”.

I recently had the chance to interview Katy. We talked about her background, and how she became environmentally active. She talked about the groups she’s involved with, and the work she does. She shared some of her concerns about the toxins we encounter in our food and in our daily lives, and gave me some practical tips for avoiding them. And she confessed to a love of food that comes in crinkly bags, as well as sharing her choice for a healthy alternative.

Katy FarberIf you have concerns about the environment, want some tips for reducing your kids’ exposure to toxins, or want to be inspired by someone who’s standing up for what she believes in, you’ll want to listen to my chat with Katy. Listen for yourself:

Next week I’ll be sharing an interview with Wendy Armbruster-Bell of Snugabell, maker of the Pump-Ease hands-free pumping bra and the Toni Top nursing top. You won’t want to miss out, so subscribe to the Strocel.com podcast and hear every minute!

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  1. […] Katy Farber – Katy is a mom, writer and blogger at Non-Toxic Kids. She shared her tips for non-toxic eating: “Take your knowledge of the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 with you in your mind – or print it out, because that’s a lot to remember – and think about it. If it’s something that’s on the clean 15 we know that it’s less likely to carry a heavy pesticide load. If you’re buying peaches, we know that peaches carry such a high pesticide load, it’s important to buy organic.” […]

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