Podcast: Katrina Alcorn Says Moms Need a Break

strocel.com podcast maxed out katrina alcornThe title of Katrina Alcorn‘s book – Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink – resonated with me instantly. While I’m not American, I am a mom. I know how it feels to have a (more than) full plate, with no end in sight. I immediately arranged to speak with her, and I’m thrilled to share our conversation with you on today’s podcast.

The book is sort of an unconventional memoir, following Katrina’s own life, and how she dealt with feeling maxed out. It incorporates research about women and work, and presents suggestions for how we can make things better.

At a time when we’re all being encouraged to lean in, and when the world is micro-managing Marissa Mayer’s maternity leave, Katrina’s book provides a welcome perspective. Of course we want to encourage women and young girls to go after what they want. However, many workplaces could also benefit from an overhaul to provide a better work-life balance for everyone. That balance is what Maxed Out addresses.

strocel.com podcast katrina alcorn maxed outDuring our conversation Katrina shared part of her story. She talked about why she wrote her book specifically for moms, and presented some research she uncovered. We also discussed alternative work arrangements, like the results-only work environment and telecommuting. If you’ve ever felt maxed out yourself, and you could use a break, I encourage you to listen to this podcast:

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