Podcast: Crystal Stranaghan on Creativity and Inspiration

Sometimes life is very serendipitous. This is how I happened to meet Crystal Stranaghan, my guest on today’s edition of the Strocel.com Podcast. Crystal and I had never met, but we both submitted speaker applications for Northern Voice, Vancouver’s annual blogging and social media conference. Since both applications revolved around blogging and inspiration, the organizers thought it would make sense to combine our submissions, and have my co-presenter Samantha Reynolds and I appear on a panel with Crystal.

Strocel.com podcast Crystal Stranaghan

Samantha, Crystal and I had a chance to meet briefly before the panel, and it was good. But it was only as we sat side-by-side up on stage during our session that I really felt like I got Crystal. She was awesome! She was inspiring! I wanted to hear more from her! So, since I had a podcast, it was only natural to invite her to be a guest.

Strocel.com podcast Crystal StranaghanCrystal Stranaghan is one of those people who has a complicated job description. She’s a write and health psychologist, and she specializes in offering creative solutions in education, communication and publishing. She’s run her own publishing company, she’s written books, she offers coaching for creative people, she’s a freelance writer, she does public speaking and a whole lot more. In speaking with her, you can feel that she lives with passion and intention, and that by itself is something that totally inspires me. She’s doing her thing. It might not be easy to fit on to a business card, but that’s not really the point, is it?

If you have your own publishing dreams, you want to hear some tips for improving your well-being from a health psychologist, or you just need a little inspiration, you’ll want to listen to the podcast:

Next week on the podcast I’m going to be sharing an interview with Janet Frongillo, blogger at Muffin Top Mommy and author of the new book Mommy Mixology. If you’d like some sure-fire suggestions for cocktails to keep the grown-ups happy, or you could just use a laugh, you’ll want to tune in. Subscribe to my podcast in iTunes and you won’t miss a minute!

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