Podcast: Conscious Mom Rapper Monica Morong

strocel.com podcast monica morong world hip hop mom rapperI love, love, love podcasting. It is an amazing privilege to interview people and share their stories. What I don’t love, however, is booking people. I don’t mind the editing, the technical work on the back-end, or formatting the posts. In fact, I kind of enjoy all those things. Chasing people down and asking them to be guests, however, still feels a little awkward to me. I feel like I’m always asking people to chat with me, which is why it surprises me when I realize that there are amazing people in my circle who haven’t been on this podcast. Today’s guest, Monica Morong, was one of those surprises.

Monica Morong is also known as World Hip Hop Mom. In addition to being a Vancouver-based mom of three adorable little girls, she’s also a conscious rapper. We travel in many of the same circles and when she first started doing this, I honestly wasn’t sure what it meant. However, when I saw her perform at an event I attended just over a year ago, heavily pregnant and getting a room full of women on their feet and waving their hands in the air, I got it.

So often we come up with reasons not to do those things we love. I know I do. It would be very easy for Monica to not pursue a hip hop career as a mom of three, but she’s doing it, and she’s doing it on her terms. I encourage you to listen to our conversation, because regardless of how you feel about Monica’s music, you’re sure to find her inspiring. Maybe it will be just the impetus you need to go out and do something that you love, too.

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*Image Credit – Bethany Schiedel, www.imagesbybethany.com

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