Podcast: Chatting with the Pretirement Ladies

Strocel.com Podcast Pretirement LivingIs work-life harmony really possible? It’s a hot topic for a lot of moms, myself included. This week on the Strocel.com podcast I’m sharing an interview with two moms, Shannon Ward and Diana Stirling, who say that harmony is possible. They decided that they didn’t want to wait until they were retirement age to get out and do the things they really wanted to do, so they founded Pretirement Living.

The Pretirement site chronicles Shannon and Diana’s journey to re-make their business in a way that allows them to travel, work from anywhere, and be present with their kids while they’re little. Shannon and Diana have also recently released a book to help others create their own Pretirement lifestyle. Babyproofing Your Business shares tips for creating work-life harmony, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or you’re just starting out.

Strocel.com Podcast Pretirement LivingI was excited to speak with Diana and Shannon, to find out how genuine this really is. It certainly sounds good, but is it really possible to spend four months driving across New Zealand while also running a successful business? The Pretirement ladies say that it is, and in fact Diana has done just that. Shannon, meanwhile, spends three months every year in Costa Rica. She first went there for the surfing, and she liked it so she just keeps going back. Sounds pretty good, right?

According to Diana and Shannon they created their own Pretirement lifestyle by completely re-vamping the business they were running. They focused on the clients who brought them the greatest return for the least amount of effort. They got rid of their fancy downtown office, and hired people who value flexibility and want to work from home or from the local cafe. They used technology, and they relied on each other and their partners for support. They told me all about it during our podcast.

If you like the idea of creating a location-independent lifestyle that allows you the freedom to do the things you really want to do, you’ll want to listen to the podcast:

Shannon and Diana will be speaking in Vancouver at the Leading Moms event on October 3, 2012. If you’re in the Vancouver area, and you’d like to soak up a whole lot more inspiration, this is a great event to check out.

Next week I’ll be sharing an interview with singer/songwriter Tara MacLean. She has three full-length solo albums, two recordings with the group “Shaye”, and she was even part of a Canadian reality TV show. After speaking with her I can also say that she may be the most zen mama I have ever interviewed. Whether you want to hear about the twists and turns of her musical journey, or you’re looking for insight to help you make your own life a little bit more intentional, you’ll want to tune in. Subscribe to my podcast in iTunes and you won’t miss a minute!

Leading Moms 2012 Vancouver

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