Podcast: Britt Reints on Making Dreams Happen

I am totally inspired by Britt Reints, of In Pursuit of Happiness. In 2011 she and her family embarked on a year-long road trip around America in an RV. To make that happen, they did a lot of planning and saving, selling most of their stuff and enrolling their kids in an online school. When I ran the Crafting my Life online class and I wanted to talk to someone about life mapping, I knew Britt was the one. I was thrilled when she made time to talk with me from the road. And now I’m thrilled to share that interview with you in today’s podcast.

dreamingAs the name of her site suggests, Britt writes about pursuing happiness. In the process she’s open about her journey, her shortcomings and her relationships. If you’ll stop by you’ll see that she writes a lot about personal growth and living a happy lifestyle, and that she has a passion for travel. She’s honest, and easy to relate to. And her experience driving around the US is a great example of how we can make our dreams into a reality.

During the podcast, Britt talked about how she decided to set out in an RV, and how she prepared for the journey. I asked her how her kids were faring, and what the best part of the experience had been for her. And we discussed the juxtaposition of being a planner with not knowing where you’ll be sleeping tomorrow night. It was a great conversation, and afterwards I felt like we can all do a whole lot more than we give ourselves credit for.

If you could use a little bit of inspiration to follow your own dreams, you’ll want to listen to the podcast:

Next week on the Strocel.com podcast I’ll be sharing an interview with Melissa Vose of Mothers of Change. It’s a non-profit group dedicated to ‘birthing better maternity care’. If you’re interested in birth issues, especially here in Canada, you’ll want to tune in. Subscribe to the Strocel.com podcast in iTunes, and you won’t miss a minute! Also, if you have a podcast idea, please share it with me. I’d love to hear your suggestions!

*Photo Credit – Jared Tarbell on Flickr

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  1. Oh my gosh, I’d forgotten we did this!! So fun to listen to it. 🙂
    Miss Britt’s last post … PauseMy Profile

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