Podcast: Beth Terry on her Plastic-Free Life

Strocel.com Podcast Beth Terry My Plastic Free LifeBeth Terry is on a quest to live a plastic-free life, and she blogs about it at MyPlasticFreeLife.com. Just recently, she also published her first book on the subject, called Plastic Free. It’s a how-to guide about ditching plastic, that draws heavily on her own journey and experiences. I was thrilled when Beth agreed to set up a time to chat with me for the Strocel.com podcast.

I’ll say this right off the top: I’m a Beth Terry fan. I had the chance to meet her at BlogHer in San Diego, and she was lovely and charming. She inspired me to keep and wash my disposable plastic plate throughout the conference, rather than take a new one at each meal and snack. It actually wasn’t that hard, and while that plate still made its way into the trash in the end, several others didn’t. The experience reinforced a message that Beth shares on her blog and in her book, which is that as individuals we actually can make a difference. Maybe we can’t solve all the world’s problems, but we can have an impact, and we shouldn’t underestimate that.

Strocel.com Podcast Beth Terry My Plastic Free LifeThe truth is that my own life is far from plastic-free. While I do take many steps to reduce my plastic consumption there are many things I buy regularly that come in plastic, not all of it recyclable. The reality is that in modern life it’s almost impossible to completely avoid plastic. Even Beth herself consumes some plastic, as she chronicles on her blog each month. Beth’s mission isn’t to make anyone feel bad about their plastic consumption, it’s to encourage us all to be more mindful. I think more mindfulness is pretty much always a good thing.

If you’d like to hear how Beth get started on her journey towards plastic-free living, you’d like some tips for reducing your own plastic consumption, or you’d like to see how one person really can make a difference, you’ll want to listen to the podcast:

Next week on the Strocel.com podcast I’ll be sharing an interview with Trisha Miltimore, national speaker, radio broadcaster and mompreneur. I heard her speak at a local networking event, and I was smitten. Plus, since I’ve started podcasting I have my own radio dreams, so I wanted to hear about her radio work. If you’d like to gather some inspiration and ideas for balancing work, family and yourself, you’ll want to tune in. Subscribe to the Strocel.com podcast in iTunes, and you won’t miss a minute!

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  1. Thanks for the fun interview, Amber!
    Beth Terry’s last post … Plastic-Free Book Officially Launched. Help Spread the Word and Win a Copy!My Profile

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