Sometimes You Just Have to Try Something

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Sometimes you have to step out of your shell and try something new. This happened to me yesterday when my husband and I were enjoying a kid-free afternoon in a very trendy neighbourhood. I came across the Commercial Drive Licorice Parlour, which I … [Read more ...]

Podcast: Mothers and Memoirs with Melissa Cistaro

podcast melissa cistaro memoir pieces of my mother

Podcasting was my most favourite thing for a time, and now I'm thrilled to be slowly getting back into it. The opportunity to chat with interesting people about interesting things is amazing - I highly recommend it. Today I'm excited to share another … [Read more ...]

What I Will Not do This Year

birthday selfie

Today is my 39th birthday. Unlike previous years, this birthday actually didn't trigger a massive existential crisis. This feels sort of ironic given the fact that I am sort of betwixt and between at the moment, cooling my heels until I start school … [Read more ...]


FODMAP gluten celiac digestive issues IBS wheat

I am one of those people who can eat pretty much anything. That doesn't mean I like everything. Corn on the cob is not my thing no matter how often other people urge me to give it a try. I have. It doesn't do much for me. I am somehow managing to … [Read more ...]

Poem of the Month: Poetry Class


Last month I shared how I have recently returned to poetry. I haven't slowed down - so far I've written more than 50 poems. Many of them are not fit for public consumption, but I have written enough that are and I'd like to share some of them. And … [Read more ...]

Dabbling in Extra-Curricular Activities

fencing 10-year-old

I am good at starting things. In fact, I love starting things. I have always been what you would call a joiner. When I'm in class now I'm always the first person to raise my hand. I volunteer. I say yes often. I am also good at keeping things … [Read more ...]

Podcast: Keeping it Spicy While Trying to Get Pregnant podcast interview sex with dr jess o'reilly

You guys! It's been more than a year since I recorded a podcast. In fact, if you conceived a child on the date of my last podcast, that child would be sitting up and eating solid food by now. Which might seem like a random piece of trivia but it … [Read more ...]