Farewell to the Silver Bullet

broken honda civic

Sometimes life brings the unexpected - events that are completely out of your control, and you could have never seen coming. Such an event happened to me last Friday. I had just set out from my house to run some errands when another driver turned … [Read more ...]

Picky Eater

baby eating food

It's been a while since I opened Use Your Words by Kate Hopper, which is unfortunate because it really is full of great ideas. Today's post was inspired by one of the writing exercises in that book. The other day my six-year-old announced that he … [Read more ...]

My Happiness List: January 2015 Edition

massage therapy happiness list

My last post was a little bit down, I think, so I decided that it was time to share another happiness list. I blogged my last personal happiness list almost ten months ago, so I'm clearly long overdue. Who couldn't use a little hit of positivity once … [Read more ...]

Finding Comfort

cheddar cheese

Yesterday I had a brief meltdown at about 10:00am. I came home from dropping the kids off at school and tackled my to-do list. Then I finished my to-do list. Then I had nothing in particular to do ... and it was still only 10:00am. This is a very … [Read more ...]

Censoring Queen Victoria: Who Was She, Anyway?

censoring queen victoria history book review

I have been really behind for a really long time. This means that while I received Censoring Queen Victoria by Yvonne M. Ward almost a year ago, I'm only reviewing it now. My apologies. You can expect more of these coming up in the not-so-distant … [Read more ...]

A Word for 2015: Strength


For the past few years I've been choosing a word at New Year's to represent what I wanted to bring into my life in the 12 months ahead. In 2011 that word was space. In 2012 I chose clarity. In 2013 I chose presence. And for 2014 my word was … [Read more ...]

2014 Year in Photos Slideshow


This is my favourite post of the year. It's one that I do purely because I love it. It gives me a chance to reflect and wax nostalgic, which are sort of my bread and butter. This post contains my annual slideshow, chronicling my family's year in … [Read more ...]