Dabbling in Extra-Curricular Activities

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I am good at starting things. In fact, I love starting things. I have always been what you would call a joiner. When I'm in class now I'm always the first person to raise my hand. I volunteer. I say yes often. I am also good at keeping things … [Read more ...]

Podcast: Keeping it Spicy While Trying to Get Pregnant

strocel.com podcast interview sex with dr jess o'reilly

You guys! It's been more than a year since I recorded a podcast. In fact, if you conceived a child on the date of my last podcast, that child would be sitting up and eating solid food by now. Which might seem like a random piece of trivia but it … [Read more ...]

My Life in Numbers

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Well, hello there. How are you? I feel like there's a lot going on in my life that I haven't updated here. The hunt for a new vehicle to replace the Silver Bullet. My continuing obsession with poetry. My journey towards becoming a math teacher. My … [Read more ...]

On Returning to Poetry

writing poetry blogging words

I have been writing poetry. This is something I used to do as an angst-ridden 12 and 13 year old. I generated overly obvious rhymes and hit myself over the head with my own hopes and fears. I remember sitting down with pen and paper while I was … [Read more ...]

Hannah + 10 years and 12 days


There were a few things that I gave up when I became a mother: Bathroom privacy Adequate sleep The ability to leave the house in less than three minutes A rigid adherence to schedules It should come as no surprise, then, that I'm … [Read more ...]

Farewell to the Silver Bullet

broken honda civic

Sometimes life brings the unexpected - events that are completely out of your control, and you could have never seen coming. Such an event happened to me last Friday. I had just set out from my house to run some errands when another driver turned … [Read more ...]

Picky Eater

baby eating food

It's been a while since I opened Use Your Words by Kate Hopper, which is unfortunate because it really is full of great ideas. Today's post was inspired by one of the writing exercises in that book. The other day my six-year-old announced that he … [Read more ...]