Organized Mama

Today we had another midwife appointment. Here are the stats:
Pregnancy date – 29 weeks, 4 days
Fundal height – 29 cm (should equal the number of weeks, +/- 2cm)
My weight – Pre-pregnancy + 27 pounds
Baby’s heartrate – 156 bpm
Baby’s position – Head down, back on the left, leg sticking out on the right

It seems that we didn’t have much to talk about, because I am above-average in the organization department. The midwives were nice enough not to use less flattering terms, such as “uptight” or “neurotic”. Anyways, the end result is thtat we didn’t have much to talk about. Apparently, in addition to being “organized”, I am also short on the questions. So Jon shared an interesting anecdote about a 100-pound woman who ate a 6-pound burger. We were all amazed. 🙂

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