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With less than a week left in the month, I’ve clearly missed the boat on planning my One Green Thing for November. Ah, well, some months are like that. However, it occurs to me that this means I also haven’t updated you on my One Green Thing for October, which was trying out organic grocery delivery. I wanted to fill you in on how that’s been going.

As you may recall, I reactivated my account with, a local business that delivers organic and locally-grown and produced food once each week. (Just a note – I am not being compensated in any way for this blog post, I’m just sharing my experience because I think you might be interested.) I had used the service a number of years ago, but stopped it because I found that I was spending too much on groceries. With a weekly commitment on Sundays making it difficult for me to visit my local farmers’ market, I decided to try them out again.

I am a month and a half in now, and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. The pluses:

  • A weekly standing order means that I never forget the basics like milk, bread, eggs, lettuce and so on.
  • I really don’t have to visit the grocery store nearly as often – I’m averaging about once every three weeks now. Coupled with the fact I’m not frequenting the farmers’ market this means I’m spending very little time grocery shopping.
  • My delivery driver remembered me, even all these years later, and was glad to see me.
  • I know exactly where my food is coming from, because they tell me.
  • They have an iPhone app, so when I finish something in my kitchen (like, say, mayo) I can order it right then and there.
  • Like pretty much any grocery store, they carry some items I can’t find anywhere else, which I’m enjoying.

The minuses:

  • While they carry almost everything I need, there are some things I just can’t get from them, like my husband’s gluten-free bread or certain spices.
  • They definitely are more expensive than shopping at the grocery store, although I’m getting a higher percentage of organic food.
  • Sometimes they mess up my order, or don’t have something in stock. While they work hard to make it right, it still means that I don’t have something I expected to have.
  • They deliver to my house on Thursdays. It would be more convenient for me if I got groceries at the beginning of the week, so that I had more fresh food on hand for my kids’ school lunches.

One the whole, for me, the pluses are currently outweighing the minuses, so I’m keeping it. I’ll let you know if I change my mind again.

Have you tried home grocery delivery? What did you think?

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  1. So your conclusion is that the greater expense is worth saving the time and knowing where it’s coming from? How much more expensive, say per month, on average? I’ve been trying to decide on a CSA (I’d love just to get my produce and eggs local) but am having a hard time finding the perfect option.

    • For me, right now, it is worth it.

      For my family of 4 I would typically spend $200 each week on groceries. With delivery, I’m paying closer to $225. The increase is noticeable, but not unmanageable, for our family. Keep in mind that I’m buying meat each week, which definitely increases the total.

  2. I’ve been back with Spud for a year now. You’re spot on with everything. One thing I do like: I can plan EXACTLY how much I’m spending each week, instead of getting a surprise amount at the register.
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    • That’s true – it was always a bit of a game of chance to get that total when grocery shopping. This is how I once ended up paying $15 for a single mango – I didn’t realize how heavy it was, so when I saw $6.99 a pound I didn’t stop to think twice. With SPUD I wouldn’t have made that mistake.

  3. I’ve been using Spud for almost a year and I totally agree with what you’ve said. What I love most about them is that I no longer have to visit up to six different stores to get everything I want. You know how it works: you get a few items at one place, like to go somewhere else for others, etc. We get all our meat from Hopcotts so I’m still making that trip, plus we get our bread elsewhere as well but eliminating the grocery stores and organic market has saved me so much time!

    And I’m with you on the app… Love it!

  4. Oh wow I have to get the app! Sounds perfect! My issue with spud is that pretty much every week there is an error with our order – the past two weeks items have been included in the box that we didn’t order, and they are not on the bill. It just means I am emailing to say we got “XX” and don’t want or need it, and it will be in the pick up box. Spud typical wants us to keep or dispose of these items, and when it’s something perishable that can be a hassle. Three huge bags of oranges last week! I ordered three oranges! That sort of thing. Quality is generally great though! Have you tried the beef pot pie from Two Rivers Meats? I don’t eat meat but this has become my husband’s weekly favourite lunch item by a long shot!

    • I haven’t tried the beef pot pie – I definitely will.

      Weekly errors would definitely be annoying. I’ve had two weeks of errors in 7ish weeks of orders, so not nearly as bad. If it were weekly, I’m not sure I would be as happy with them.

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