One Green Thing: Starting Seeds

One Green Thing Strocel.comIt’s the first Thursday of the month, so today I’m tackling my One Green Thing for March. This month it’s all about gardening – I’m hoping it goes better than my pledge to do more gardening research back in January. But first, I’ll talk about my adventures in DIY deodorant last month.

I actually have two things to report on my quest for a good, green deodorant. The first is that, after so many of you said good things about the crystal, I realized I had actually never tried it. I’d heard very mixed reviews, so I’d discounted it out-of-hand, but that doesn’t really seem fair. I bought a crystal (bonus – they’re cheap!) and used it for two weeks. I found that it worked well. Who knew? I would have stopped there, actually, if I hadn’t committed to making my own deodorant. As I’ve already shared, I made my first batch of DIY deodorant last week. I have to say that I really like it. In fact, I prefer it to the crystal, mostly because I like the way it smells. One week in, it’s still working really well. I’ve tried applying it using both the tube and my fingers, and both have pros and cons. If I were to go with fingers I would likely omit the beeswax, while I would add a little more next time for the tube, because firmness is a good thing in that situation.

one green thing starting seeds gardening Moving on to this month, I’m happy to say that spring is in the air here in Vancouver. Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day, and I got outside and did some pruning. I planted my first seeds outside, as well – spinach. I also (finally) placed my seed order with Vancouver-area institution West Coast Seeds. In addition to lettuce, corn, carrot, cauliflower and other seeds, I ordered some seed-starting trays, a slug and snail trap, a wildflower blend that attracts beneficial insects, and diatomaceous earth. I don’t want to keep losing my crops to pests, so I’m trying to get serious about getting my little plants off to a good start in the first place, and doing what I can to discourage creepy-crawlies that want to make a snack of my wee little lettuce shoots.

This is the latest I’ve gotten seeds started, but I’m thinking that it may work out better. I have a tendency to be an over-eager gardener, jumping the gun on transplanting my seedlings. I think some part of my brain believes that I can hurry summer – and the harvest – along if I start things early. However, I’ve seen that the result is many of my seedlings just don’t do that well, languishing in the cool, rainy days of April. I’m hoping that holding off a few weeks will net better results.

At the end of the month I’ll let you know how it went. In the meantime, tell me about your gardening planning. I’d love to hear! Also, if you’d like to get in on the act and take on One Green Thing of your own, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to grab the button from this post if you’re blogging about it, and spread the enviro-love.

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  1. Hi Amber,

    I too have tried many so-called “green” deodorants, many without success. I too had originally thought the crystal was too cheap to be effective, and again I was incorrect. I have stuck with the crystal as it works best for me.

    Although I have to say I was not ambitious enough to try making my own. Are you willing to share your recipe and method?

    Donna St. Pierre

  2. Joan Morris says:

    I am inspired to get out and turn over the rye grass in my vegie gardens. I plant it in the fall and it comes up beautifully over the winter, discouraging all the chick weed and other weeds. Then when it gets turned under it becomes nutritious compost and several weeks later I can plant seeds. I too, have given up on early planting as the cool weather just slows everything down.
    Thanks for your neat blogs.

  3. When I opened my door this morning I was greeted with a fresh sciff of snow. I haven’t even wrapped my head around my garden yet. I have many more weeks of winter and frosty nights in my future. Usually the rule for this part of the world is June – come June I can transplant my seedlings outside. Until May I don’t even pull out my trays. And now that I am back working full time I don’t really feel motivated to garden all that much. I do however wish to build my children a sweet pea tee pee. It will sit next to the trampoline – hopefully they will not impale themselves!

  4. I actually use both the crystal AND a solid, I’ve found that to be most effective here in Texas when it’s over 100 degrees for 1/3 of the year!
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  5. I don’t have a garden, but would love one. Container gardening, it would have to be. Maybe this year I will start with some herb pots for my windowsill. Or maybe one of those hanging tomato thingees. The other problem is that my patio gets sun for only about an hour a day. All of this conspires to make me think gardening is just too much work, when it should be fun. I can always play in the dirt of my dad’s big garden.

    On the other hand, my almost five year old plants the seeds of any fruit he eats or finds, so we may have a lemon/orange/apple orchard in our cedar hedge before too long 😉
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    • I bought some patio planters for potatoes this year, because I’m running out of garden space. I’ve found them to be easy to grow in the past – I’ll let you know how the patio version works out.

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