One Green Thing: Put on a Sweater!

One Green Thing Strocel.comToday I’m tackling my One Green Thing for September. This month it’s all about handling the colder weather. But first, I’ll talk about preparing my garden for winter last month.

In early August, I said that I would start my winter garden. I placed an order and got some over-wintering seeds, as well as some cover crops. I’m still in the early stages, though. There are some plants still to harvest in my garden, and I’m slowly working through what I have and getting ready to plant my fall crops. I’ve laid the groundwork, though, and I’m feeling good about it.

one green thing put on a sweater

With September here, there’s no denying that fall is on its way. The days are a little shorter, the mornings and nights are a little cooler, and the weather is a little wetter here in Vancouver. My plan is to try to reduce the amount of energy I’m consuming in the winter months ahead. I’m doing this in two ways. The first – and biggest – way is that there are renovations underway on my sunroom right now. In fact, literally as I type someone is banging away eight feet from where I sit. The result, hopefully, will be a more energy-efficient home, which will lower my energy bills. The second way I’m targeting energy consumption is a little more achievable. I call it put on a sweater.

My thermostat has gone up and down over the past number of years. At the moment, it’s up again. I’m planning to reduce it by a few degrees. If I’m cold, I’ll try putting on warmer clothes. I also took an old basket we have kicking around and I’m using it to hold blankets in the living room, so if anyone’s cold while they’re sitting and watching TV they can put one on. It’s a small thing, but hopefully it will make a difference over the course of the winter. I’m also considering knitting myself a shawl – if you know of a great pattern for worsted weight yarn, please let me know!

How do you keep your heating bills in check in the cooler months? Leave a reply and let me know! Also, if you’d like to get in on the act and take on One Green Thing of your own, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to grab the button from this post if you’re blogging about it, and spread the enviro-love.

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  1. Very timely post today, given how cold and wet it was! I had to get out my hoodies and slippers.

    When people come to our home they complain about how cold it is and I always have to explain how expensive it is to heat a large home. These are usually the same people who wear a short sleeve tshirt in the winter.
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