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One Green Thing Strocel.comIt’s the first Thursday of the month, so today I’m tackling my One Green Thing for May. This month it’s all about home improvement. But first, I’ll talk about my cycling adventures last month.

While I really, really, really loved the Ivanna Urbanista from Opus Bikes, the truth is that my cycling experiences were a mixed bag. I found that I didn’t use the bike as much as I had hoped, which is particularly galling because I only had it for two weeks. I knew my time was limited, and even still I was only able to get out on two wheels a few times. The first time was for a coffee date and some errands, and I totally overdid it. It drove home that cycling isn’t exactly super-easy, especially if you have anything to haul with you. I also went cycling with my eight-year-old Hannah, and while that was fun, it was also fairly stressful even on our not-so-busy suburban streets. I honestly can’t see cycling with my kids for anything other than recreational purposes. I am still seriously considering a bicycle, but I doubt I’ll become a serious cyclist anytime soon.

home improvement

Me, 10 years ago, cutting baseboards

This month I’m heading in an entirely different direction, by setting my sights on some home improvement. After our misadventures in real estate in April, in which we put forward an offer on a house in our neighbourhood that wasn’t accepted, Jon and I have decided that we really need to focus on fixing all the things that need to be fixed in our current house. Maybe in the process we’ll create a home that meets our every need. Or maybe we’ll just be ready to sell if another house comes up. Either way, 10 years after buying this place it’s time to do some more renovating.

My goal for May is to learn about green home renovations. We’ve had one quote on some work from a company that advertises itself as doing sustainable home improvement. We’ve got another company coming by this weekend to size up what needs to be done. I want to do some background reading of my own, so that by the time we’re actually signing on the dotted line on any work, I know a little bit more about how I can minimize the environmental footprint, and maybe even make my home a little greener in the process. I think I’ll start by re-listening to my podcast with green building expert Anna Hackman.

This feels like something of a full-circle moment for me. started 10 years ago this month, as a blog about home buying and home improvement. Now I’m re-entering that world, but with an eye towards sustainability. If you have any tips to share around green home improvement, I’d love to hear them. Also, if you’d like to get in on the act and take on One Green Thing of your own, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to grab the button from this post if you’re blogging about it, and spread the enviro-love.

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