One Green Thing: Eating Local

It’s Enviro-Mama Thursday here on, and today I’m getting in touch with my inner locavore. It’s my One Green Thing for July. But before I get into that, I want to update you on my One Green Thing for June, which was buying less stuff. So, how did I do? Not well at all, I’m afraid.

The plan was that I would not buy any new “stuff” during June. I gave myself some outs – food, medication, experiences (haircuts aren’t “stuff”) and birthday gifts for my kids’ friends. By the time the month was half over the wheels completely fell off the wagon with a trip to IKEA. We’d been toying with the idea of getting Hannah her own desk, to keep her artistic activities more contained. Jon decided he wanted to do that as a Father’s Day gift to himself, and I didn’t think that refusing on the grounds that I was trying to prove a point made sense. Of course, while we were there, we also picked up some other things – a new container to hold our large kitchen utensils, a couple of kitchen gadgets, and so on. Then I put the nail in the coffin on June 30 when I did a Target run during my long weekend in the US.

After my failure to not buy stuff in June, I’m committed to do something substantial for July, and with my CSA starting up and the farmers’ market in full swing, this seemed like the perfect time to do more local eating. I’ve decided to create and eat 10 local meals this month. I’ve set some ground rules about what is and isn’t allowed.

Fresh local food at the farmers' market

Local Food Ground Rules

  • Anything I buy at my farmers’ market is allowed.
  • Anything I get from my CSA is allowed.
  • Anything I grow myself is allowed.
  • Anything grown within 250km of my house is allowed.

I’m allowing myself some exceptions as I eat local. My exceptions are:

  • Cooking oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla

I think this is totally doable, especially at this time of year. I’ve already had one local meal (scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and fresh strawberries). I’ll keep track of what I’m eating, and fill you in next month.

Until then, I’d like to hear from you. Do you do any local eating? What non-local foods do you refuse to live without? What is your favourite place to source local food? I could use any tips you have to offer!

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  1. I’ve been saying for some time that I would like to live somewhere where I could have guacamole and mojitos and still eat local. So for me, my big exception would be avocados and limes.

    Otherwise, I’d also miss rice and wheat (in all its forms).
    Alison @ BluebirdMama’s last post … Eliza Brownhome 2.0My Profile

    • This is one reason why I’m committing to 10 meals over the course of a month. It feels big enough to be significant, but it allows me 80 other meals to eat avocados and bananas. 😉

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